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Vivian Atueyi

Nationality: Nigerian

Programme: Accounting with Information Systems

Hello my name is Vivian Atueyi. I come from Anambra, Nigeria. I am currently enrolled in the BSc. Accounting and Information Systems programme at Regent University. I decided to come here because I was impressed with the high academic standard at Regent.

Regent University is a wonderful community. The institution is on a mission to raise change agents. I like that fact that values and ethics are instilled in students, in order to prepare them to succeed in the world of work and in life. I have met a lot of excellent people here. Through activities and events organized on campus, I have been able to rub shoulders with influential people and I have learnt how to become a person of influence.

Also we have various clubs and societies that organize different programmes such as workshops and seminars to help students. I am a member of Stott Society. It is a great opportunity to interact with other international students through many platforms available at Regent.