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Community Engagements

Regent-Ghana, as part of its contribution to societal development through corporate social responsibility over the years, has made significant impact with its Rural Educational Projects. The institution continues the initiative in addressing challenges that are often overlooked in the educational sector.


Construction of Concrete Classrooms for Nursery Schools in Adimadim Kyenku-Larbi Community

In the 2014/2015 academic year, the institution identified a peculiar problem of lack of reasonable nursery schools in the Adimadim Kyenku-Larbi community and the neighbouring towns. Children of school going age found themselves starting class one without any preparation from the nursery level.

Currently, the Adimadim Kyenku-Larbi D/A Nursery School is the only school with a nursery section and serves about seven (7) neighbouring towns. The student population at the nursery level is eighty eight (88) with some coming from the far-away towns. The school however has virtually no structures in place to properly accommodate the children. The current structure is basically made up of mounted wooden pillars with skeletal roofs and patchy cemented floors, thereby exposing the children to the hazards of the weather.

Regent-Ghana has undertaken the feasibility study and plans are far advanced to commence a construction of a concrete block building facility for the nursery school.


Feasibility Study for the Construction of a Borehole and a Place of Convenience for Adimadim Kyenku-Larbi Community

Among the peculiar challenges identified at the Adimadim Kyenku-Larbi community and its surroundings is the inadequacy of water supply and the lack of a place of convenience for the community members. Currently, the community largely relies on nearby streams and rain water. Having noted this huge challenge by the community members, two boreholes have been constructed at vantage places to support the existing water source. This is however not adequate as it is often not flowing and also not clean for drinking. Students have had to queue to pump water each morning, resulting in absenteeism and late attendance at school.  Coupled with the foregoing, most of the community members have no toilet facilities.

Regent-Ghana in collaboration with Afristar Foundation (an NGO) is having discussions with the community leaders to commence the construction of a borehole and a place of convenience for the Kyenku Larbi Community. The land for the construction is secured and plans are far advanced to commence the actual work.