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Professor Desmond Ayim-Aboagye

HOD, Psychology and Human Development



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Office: McCarthy Hill Campus

Office hours: By Appointment


Primary Department: Psychology and Human Development



  • Professor of Psychology of Religion, Uppsala University
  • Associate Professor in the Sciences of Religion, Uppsala University
  • Associate Professor in the Sciences of Religion (African), Abo Akademi University
  • M. A. PhD Uppsala University
  • Postgraduate Studies in Educational Sciences, Uppsala University
  • Cert of Education. New Jersey State, USA
  • DipTheol. Newbold College Postgraduate School, England
  • M.A. Andrews University, Michigan, USA
  • B.A. Andrews University, Michigan, USA


Brief Biography

Desmond Ayim-Aboagye is Professor and Head of Department of Psychology and Human Development at Regent University College of Science and Technology. His area of specialization is Religion Psychology and Social Psychology. Currently he teaches courses such as Social Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Research Methods in Psychology. Professor Ayim-Aboagye since October 1, 2015 has been appointed to the position as Vice President for Academic Affairs at Regent University College of Science and Technology. He is also one of the members of Four-Member Committee appointed to lead the establishment of Regent University Medical School and Allied Health Sciences.


Courses to be Taught at Regent University:

  • Social Psychology
  • Religion Psychology
  • Cross Cultural Psychology
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Research Methods in Psychology


Dissertation Supervision

  • Supervises both Masters Theses and Doctoral Theses in the School of Divinity and Department of Psychology and Human Development
  • Active involvement in the establishment of Regent Medical School and Allied Health Sciences


Teaching and Leadership Merits

  1. Organised courses/seminars and teacher training in the Universities, 1997 (Uppsala University) 
  2. Organised courses/seminars for University teachers as leaders, 1997 (Uppsala University 
  3. Organised courses/seminars for the Methods and techniques of presentation, 1997 (Uppsala University) 
  4. Organised courses/seminars on how to supervise University Students, 1997 (Uppsala University) 
  5. Certificate in Elementary Education, from the Education and Testing Division, Princeton University, USA 
  6. Social Democrat. Member (ersättare) of the District Assembly in Uppsala Land (Region), (2003-2006) 
  7. Member of the Jury, Uppsala County Court (2003-2006) 
  8. Member of the Board of Elections, Uppsala County (2003-2006). 
  9. Member of the Steering Board, Swedish Social Democratic Christians in Uppsala (since 2002) 
  10. Member of the Steering Board, The Christian Peace Movement in Uppsala (since 2003) 
  11. Member of the Steering Board, Gottsunda-Sunnersta Group of the Social Democratic Party (2005) 
  12. Auditor for the District Group of the Swedish Social Democratic Christians (2005).
  13. Pedagogik utbildning, Uppsala universitet, Februari 2007
  14. Kommunikations utbildningen, Landstinget i Uppsala län, Augusti 23, 2008


Grants, Awards and Scholarships

  1. Secretariat Scholarship from the Government of Ghana (1975-1980) 
  2. The Swedish Institute Scholarship (1990-1993) 
  3. Swedish Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grants (1995-1998) 
  4. Doctoral Dissertation Examiner (1997 Academic year)
  5. His book, Indigenous Psychiatry,  placed 34th place in Nature and Science Genre in all countries in the year 2012


Professional Membership

  1. The Alumni of Psychologists of Religion of the Uppsala University 
  2. Member, Association for the Scientific Study of Religion 
  3. Member, International Assoc. for the Psychology of Religion 
  4. Member, Swedish University Lecturers Association 
  5. Member, African Studies Association 
  6. Member, Mental Care Personnel Association of Sweden
  7. Scandinavian Association for the Study of Pain (SASP)

Notable Publications:

(A) Books

  1. Ayim-Aboagye, D. (1993). The Function of Myth in Akan Healing Healing Experience: A psychological Inquiry Into Two Akan Healing Communities. Acta Universitatis Uppsaliensis, nr 9 Almqvist & Wiksell International: Stockholm. 200pp. 
  2. Ayim-Aboagye, D. (1996). Leisure and Religion in the Rural Sweden: A Sociological Perspective. Religionsociologiska Skrifter nr. 10. Uppsala: Uppsala Univ. Department of Theology. 50pp. 
  3. AYIM-ABOAGYE, D. (1996). Ageing and Religiosity: A Sociological Investigation into the Effect of Ageing on the Involvement Among Different Age Groups in the Church of Sweden. Religionssociologiska skrifter nr. 11. Uppsala: Uppsala University. Department of Theology. 66pp. 
  4. Ayim-Aboagye, D. (1997). Using Christian Religious Resources in the Welfare of Prisoners: The Case of Swedish Prisons. Religionsvetenskapliga skrifter nr. 37. Abo: Abo Akademi University. 147pp. 
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  7. Ayim-Aboagye, D. (2006). Indigenous Psychiatry: Transcultural Study of Traditional Practitioners in West Africa Healing Communities with Focus on Ghana. Religionsvetenskaliga skrifter nr. 66. Åbo: Åbo Akademi University. 475 pp.
  8. Ayim-Aboagye, D. (2006).The Matter Man and the Theory of Adaptability. Modern Scientific Theory on Discrimination. Exerter: Lightening Source, Inc.  160 pp.
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  14. Ayim-Aboagye, D. (2011). Hollywood Wars and Africans. North Carolina, Carolina: Lulu Com Inc. 307pp /MaGraw Hill Book Open Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4475-1905-9


(B) Recent Articles  

(I) Peer Reviewed Articles

  • Ayim-Aboagye, D. (1995). "Crime, Community and the Prison Chaplain." Utmaningar for Teologin. En Skriftserie Fran Tro & Liv. Red. Lennart Molin. Lidingo: Grafiska Huset. 5pp. 
  • Ayim-Aboagye, D. (1996). "Art, Music and Religious Experience in Libation Pouring of Akan Religion." Dance, Music, Art and Religion. Red. Tore Ahlback. The Donner Institute for Research in Religious and Cultural History, Turku: Abo Akademi Press. 17pp. 
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  • Ayim-Aboagye, D. (1997). Using Christian Religious Resources in the Welfare of Prisoners: The Case of Swedish Prisons. Religionsvetenskapliga skrifter nr. 37. Abo: Abo Akademi University. 147pp. 
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  • Ayim-Aboagye, D. (2006). Indigenous Psychiatry: Transcultural Study of Traditional Practitioners in West Africa Healing Communities with Focus on Ghana. Religionsvetenskaliga skrifter nr. 66. Åbo: Åbo Akademi University. 475 pp.
  • Ayim-Aboagye (1997) "Sunden's Role Theory: An Impetus into Contemporary Psychology of Religion" Religionshistorisk skrifter, 1997, pp.7. 
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  • Ayim-Aboagye, D. (2015) "Leadership, political behaviour, and commerce" Law and Economic Journal, University of Chicago (in review)


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 Conferences: home and abroad

Attended different conferences on Peace, Religion and Psychology, Cross-cultural psychiatry and Ethical issues mostly in the Nordic Countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Recently, since 2003-2007 I have also attended National and local conferences on Democracy. 


Conferences in Ghana

  1. International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education IACBE, European Region Assembly Conference Program, "Global Education and Academic Partnerships" Maastricht School of Management, Holland. 22 -23  October, 2015
  2. National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) Senior Academic Leadership Training (SALT Phase II) Conference Programme. Training for Heads of Department. 4th Training Session: 4th -7th November, 2015, Miklin Hotel, East Legon
  3. National Accreditation Board Ministry of Education, National Accreditation Board Stakeholders's Forum, Conference on "Improving Standards in Tertiary Education in Ghana"  Wednesday 2nd December, 2015