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  • Ph.D., International Economics, Marmara University, (2005), Istanbul, Turkey,
  • M.A., International Economics, Marmara University (2000), Istanbul, Turkey
  • B.A., Istanbul University, 1996, Istanbul, Turkey


Brief Biography:

Dr. Mesut Yilmaz joined the Regent University College of Science and Technology in September 2016. Prior to joining Regent, he served as a Professor at Gediz University, Izmir, Turkey. 

Dr. Yilmaz has held various teaching appointments in several Universities around the world. He has served as an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, Süleyman Demirel University, Kazakhstan, as well as a Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Nigerian-Turkish NILE University, Nigeria. He has also been a visiting scholar at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, University of Northern Iowa, University of Birmingham, England and the International University of Malaysia, Malaysia.




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Professional Activities:

  1. “Journal of Current Economic Issues & Perspectives of Central Asia Region” (Online),, ISSN (Electronic Journal): ISSN 1309-7938, Turkey, 2010   (Served as editor)
  2. Eastern Mediterranean University, Center for Strategic Studies, North Cyprus (Member of Scientific Board.) 2008
  3. Journal of Abay National Pedagogical University, Almaty-Kazakhstan (Member of Editorial Board), 2008.
  4. Alatoo Academic Studies, Bishkek-Kyrgyzstan, (Member of Editorial Board.), 2007-2013
  5. Eurasian Journal of Business and Economics,, 2007, ISSN (Electronic Journal): 1694-5972, (Member of Editorial Board)
  6. “SDU Press” Journal of Süleyman Demirel University, 2007-2013, (Editor)
  7. Member, UNESCO-International Institute for Educational Planning- European Centre for Strategic Management of Universities ‘Distance Education Course on ‘Managing University-Industry Partnerships, Fatih University, (2 October 2000-15 January 2001)


Research/Scholarly Interest:

  • Regional Integration (South-South relations, BRICs)
  • International Trade
  • African Economies (South Africa, ECOWAS members)
  • Internationalization of Education
  • Geographical specialization in the Nigeria and the ECOWAS
  • Turkish and Kazakh Economy
  • European Union
  • Interest-Free Banking (Islamic Banking)
  • Economics of Globalization