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Mr. Ebenezer Tawiah SowahMr. Ebenezer Tawiah Sowah

E- Learning Director


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  • MBA, Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands, 2009
  • BA,University of Cape Coast, Ghana, 1983
  • Dip Ed,University of Cape Coast, Ghana, 1983


Brief Biography

Ebenezer Sowah is a veteran in all categories of the IT industry with a 27-year experience. He was for a while the Deputy Manager of a leading internet company in Ghana and was responsible for connecting, configuring and managing over 62 large companies to the internet. Notable among them included CalBank, Ecobank, Ghacem (3 branches in Ghana to Scancem, Norway), Civil Aviation, Spintex Road companies, Tractor and Equip, Mobitel, Fan Milk etc. As a consultant, he has handled the setting up, managing and consultancy for Four ISPs - Netplux, LynkNet, UBS (Ghana), Myworldonline (UK) which commissioned him for an internet blueprint for Post War Liberia. He has experience in Satellite installation, configuration of various error techniques, multi-homing setups between Verestar, Warsun, Gilat (Israel) and UUNET, WAN installation, configuration and management. He is well versed in programming of all Linux and Windows-based backend servers. Live multimedia streaming and linking distant locations are also his specialties.


Scholarly/Research Interests

  • Network Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet, Cyber Crime & E-waste
  • Nanotechnology
  • Apps development for Mobile Telephony


Courses Teaching/Taught at Regent University

  • Client-Server Application Development for Business
  • Programming in C, C++
  • Data Communication and Networks
  • Web Programming


Recent Conference/Presentations

  • Ethiopia - 10th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training 2015 from May 20-22, 2015
  • Berlin – OEB – shaping the future of learning December 2-5, 2015