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Dr. Daniel Agbeko( Ph.D)


First Name:                           Dr. Daniel Agbeko( Ph.D)       

Nationality:                           Ghanaian

Date/ Place of Birth:            30-01-72, Kumasi

Address:                                Quente Africa Consult Limited

                                               Post Office Box SK 1559

                                               Sakumono, Accra, Ghana   

Tel.                                        +233248869488 / +233272089826

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Dr. Daniel Agbeko is currently the Director for business development at Regent University. Before joining Regent, Daniel  had 18 years professional experience and technical knowledge in rural finance, agriculture, entrepreneurship and microfinance with strong skills in credit analysis for micro, small and medium scale enterprises and 4 years lecturing and consultancy experience. Daniel is also involved in microfinance, agriculture and entrepreneurship training programmes for the rural banks and other private microfinance institutions across Ghana and other developing countries. He has presented technical papers on microfinance, agriculture entrepreneurship and rural banking at several seminars in Ghana and microfinance and entrepreneurship conferences in India, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.









Dissertation- summarized.

University of  Wageningen, the Netherlands.




Nov. 2017


Entrepreneurship & Microfinance

University of Leicester, United Kingdom.


Oct. 2005-        

Sep. 2007      





Oct. 2004-    Dec. 2004

Certificate in  Microfinance

Self Help Group in Microfinance 

University of  Wageningen, the Netherlands.


March 2004-

April 2004   

Certificate in Rural  Microfinance

Microfinance products for Wamfie Rural Bank





University of Cape Coast Ghana.


Oct. 1992-     Sep. 1997      

B.Sc. Agriculture

Feeding habits of sea fishes.

University of Cape Coast Ghana.


Oct. 1992-     Sep. 1997      

Diploma in Education.




Work Experience





Summarized duties

Director for Business development and  Lecturer 

Jan 2017 to date

Regent University- Ghana

•Writing proposal, linking both local and foreign business, and grant finding for Regent university



International Consulting Partner

Jan.  2014-


Quente Netherlands.


•Research and specialised entrepreneurial, agricultural and financial capacity building services


September-November 2016

CTA- Technical centre for agriculture and rural development.

• Consultancy tasks on Evidence and Challenges within ICT4 Agric.  Initiatives and Businesses.

Branch Manager

Sep. 2010- Aug. 2015

uniCredit Gh. Ltd

•Supervise all branch activities, train staff in credit, operations, customer relation etc.

Head of Microfinance dept.

June 2008-

Aug. 2010

uniCredit Gh. Ltd


•Supervise all the microfinance activities of the 7 branches.

•Build capacity of both staff and clients

Student- Researcher

Jan.   2006-

April 2008

University of Leicester-UK

•Researcher on the performance evaluation of MFI’s in Ghana

• Teaching assistant






Jan.  2004-

Dec. 2005



Women & dev. Project




•Provide overall management functions of the institution

•Represent the institution at the monthly board meetings.




Supervising Manager

April 2000-

Dec.  2003

Wamfie Rural Bank

•Provide overall day-to-day management and administrative functions of the Bank

 • Was a resource person to other Rural Banks through ARB.

Credit Manager

Aug.  1998-

March 2000

Wamfie Rural Bank

•Credit appraisal, disbursement and monitoring of  agricultural and business loans in all the five branches of the Bank.



Scholarship/ Grant / Prize & Consultancies.


Scholarship/ Grant/ Prize / Consultancies

Amount ( € )

Year of award

GH-Niche-270 Capacity building consultancy



Saving at the frontier ( SaFt) Saving Mobilization project



Capacity Building Grant  for uniCredit



Best Branch quiz award at uniCredit



Capacity Building Grant for Food Research Institute



NUFFIC Scholarship ( Ph.D. )



Best Branch performance award 2009



ITEC Scholarship-     (Education)



NUFFIC Scholarship ( workshop)



UNDP-Microfinance Operations Grant





  1. 1.       Membership of professional bodies:
    1. Chartered institute of Bankers (Scotland) / Ghana:  Student member -2011 to date


        Membership of Boards

  1. Wamfie Rural Bank
  2. Entrepreneurs Capital Cooperative Credit Union
  3. Life Gate Temple Credit Union




Blind review manuscripts edited.

  1. Institutional distance: An overview of formal institutional dimensions and measurements in Kenya
  2. The impact of microfinance on the livelihood of poor women in north Nigeria.
  3. Credit management as a tool to poverty alleviation in south Sudan
  4. The role of credit in enhancing subsistence farming in Uganda
  5. Systematic credit delivery and loan monitoring as a tool to poverty alleviation in Zimbabwe 



Appointed as a reviewer on the following journals.

  1. Journal of International Finance and Banking
  2. Journal of Enterprise Risk Management


  1. Publications:
    1. Agbeko, Awittor , & Blay (2006). Seasonal Variation in Food Preference and Feeding Ecology of Two Juvenile Marine Fishes, Pseudotolithus senegalensis (Sciaenidae) and Brachydeuterus auritus (Haemulidae) off Cape Coast, Ghana. ISSN: 0855-4307
    2. Agbeko, D.,  Blok, V., Omta, S.W.F., & Van der Velde,  G. (2016). Entrepreneurial and business skills and loan repayment rates of microfinance debtors in Ghana. Journal of development entrepreneurship, VOLUME 21,
    3. Agbeko, D., Blok, V., Omta, S.W.F., Van der Velde,  G. (2017). Corporate Social Responsibility strategies adopted  by  Micro Finance Institutions. A case study. In ( Idowu, Samuel O., Vertigans, Stephen ) , Corporate social responsibility in challenging times (Chapter 13 ) Switzerland : Springer International Publishing.
    4. Agbeko, D.,  Blok, V., Omta, S.W.F., & Van der Velde,  G. (2017). The impact of  training and monitoring on the loan repayment of microfinance debtors in Ghana.Journal of Behavioural and Experimental Finance.
    5. Agbeko, D., Blok, V., Omta, S.W.F., Van der Velde,  G. (2017). Perception of microfinance debtors and loan officers on the relevance of  business and entrepreneurial skills for loan repayment in Ghana. In ( Douglas C, Yizhe Dong, Wenxuan H, and Binayak S.) Microfinance for Entrepreneurial Development:  Sustainability and inclusion in emerging markets. Basingstoke, United Kingdom : Palgrave Macmillan publishing.
    6. Agbeko, D.,  Blok, V., Omta, S.W.F., & Van der Velde,  G. (2016). Key factors for loan repayment of micro  entrepreneurs in Ghana Doi 10.18174/423306.



International Conferences and Presentations:

  • Invited Speaker:

2nd  Microfinance conference: corporate social responsibility strategies adopted by microfinance institutions in an era of economic crises. ‌‌‌‌‌5th -6th July, 2016, Aberystwyth University, UK

Invited Speaker:

7th Africa Business and entrepreneurship conference: Entrepreneurial competencies and loan repayment of micro clients in Ghana.  May 19‑21, 2016, in Syracuse, New York, USA.

  • Invited Speaker:

11th  Wageningen International Conference on Chain and Network Management (WICaNeM 2014): Identifying the entrepreneurial competence of micro clients; a case study of uniCredit Ghana Limited. July,  2014 Island of Capri - Italy

  • Invited Speaker:

4th International conference on Rural microfinance: Setting up a strategic micro finance department and strategies for sustainability of Wamfie Rural Bank : April 2004 Wageningen the Netherlands.

  • Invited Speaker: 

5th International conference on micro finance: Strategies for loan clients business development and loan repayments. December 2004 Hyderabad- India