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Institute of Languages & General Studies


The Institute of Languages and General Studies is pivotal to the academic vision of Regent University College of Science and Technology, which is to achieve interdisciplinary learning and cross-fertilization of ideas with the primary goal of producing industrious and reputable professionals. Subsequently, the department liaises, directly and indirectly, with every academic division and contributes to shaping the thinking and character of every student that passes through the university.  

Central to the Institute’s agenda is the reinforcement of effective communication skills required in current academic and social settings, as well as future professional settings. Essentially, though standard writing elements like grammar, organization, coherence and research are appraised and utilized, the ultimate objective is to facilitate a process of capacity building in information dissemination, which would culminate in an exercise synonymous with a communication workshop. This means that beyond a revision of essay types like the narrative, the argumentative and the illustrative, the learning design is increasingly tailored to the student’s present field of study as well as future employment and business plans.


Writing Courses

Current writing classes are grouped under two categories: SOED 1513 (Introduction to Academic Writing) and SOED 1514 (Critical Reading and Writing). These classes are managed by:

  • Mr. Benjamin Edem Zogbator, Acting Head, Centre for Academic Writing
  • Mr. Bernard Sam, Assistant Head, Writing Centre


French Courses

The Institute of Languages closely monitors Regent’s French programme. Business and Finance students were previously offered the opportunity to take Business Communication in French classes, which would be reflected in the degree certificates of those who opted for this option. Aside from the above French classes, Regent also offers classes in LAFR 1513 (French Language I) and LAFR 1523 (French Language II), which are taught by:

  • Mr. David Tawiah
  • Mr. Bernard Sam

Three adjunct faculty members also assist with French classes at Regent. They are:

  • Mr. Dzidula Tchimavor
  • Mr. Kwawukwadade Francis
  • Mr. Jean Dufordzi

It should be noted that Mr. Tchimavor has proposed the creation of a French club that would facilitate improvements in oral and written French for students and interested faculty members. Ongoing steps are being taken to realize this initiative.


Studies in African Development

Also falling under the General Studies category is SOGE 1532 (Studies in African Development). Directed by Professor Kingsley Larbi, the course also engages the following lecturers: 

  • Pastor Josiah Andor, Faculty Officer
  • Mr. Vincent Adzika
  • Mr. Suleman Lawani
  • Mr. John Snyper


English Programme at Regent

The English programme at Regent University College of Science and Technology is designed to help students achieve a level of competence in reading and writing that would enable them succeed academically and, later, as professionals at the workplace. The following courses have been created and structured for this purpose.

  1. Introduction to Academic Writing: This course focuses on systematic and analytical reading, as well as methods of summarizing and paraphrasing effectively. Grammar is also taught in context as the need arises in students’ writing. All first year students are required to take this course.
  2. Critical Reading and Writing: This course is a follow-up to Introduction to Academic Writing and is expected to consolidate already acquired communication skills. Its content introduces students to selected reading and writing styles aimed at developing their ability to think, read and write critically.

Critical Reading and Writing is compulsory for all students at the 200 or 300 level. Following careful assessments, students admitted to Regent University at level 200 and 300 may be permitted to take this course without first taking Introduction to Academic Writing.

 At the end of the course, students are expected to:

  1. Develop logical and critical thinking skills by evaluating relevant source materials in the course of writing argumentative and research papers
  2. Develop strategies for tailoring persuasive writing to specific audiences

The Regent Writing Centre (WLC) is a unit that provides academic support services in four critical areas, namely: writing development, study skills tutorials and academic counselling. Overall, the work of this unit complements that of the English programme as well as Regent’s larger short and long-term academic vision.