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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is to collaborate with Regent University’s academic, administrative and educational support units to identify expected outcomes for educational programs, administrative and educational support services. The office works with units to achieve outcomes efforts that support student learning and align with institutional strategic goals and accreditation requirements.

To accomplish this mission, we:

  • ensure quality assurance in all our research, teaching & learning, academic programs and administrative practices
  • use innovative methods to generate and transform data into useful information
  • provide accurate, consistent, relevant and timely information that is accessible to internal and external constituencies
  • facilitate the integration of this information into institutional decision making, policy development and planning processes

The ultimate goal of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is to assist units in the integration of the planning, assessment, evaluation and budgeting efforts for the purpose of enhancing the quality of the University’s programs, services, operations and processes.

To ensure that the office impacts both academic and nonacademic units it reports at the first instance to the President and CEO of the University, then to the Senior Vice President, Registrar and University Accountant. This also strengthens the linkage of outcomes assessments with planning and resource allocation at the University level.






Dr. Stanley MoffattDr. Stanley Saamoah Moffatt

(Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness)

Brief Biography:

Dr. Moffatt is currently the Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness. Before joining Regent-Ghana in 2009, Dr. Moffatt was a senior researcher at the University of Texas and Assistant Professor at Florida South eastern University in the United States, where he applied the principles of nanotechnology - engineering at a molecular level - to the design of a new class of nanotechnology-based therapeutics. His research interests include the development and application of shaped polymeric and fabricated nanomaterials for various biomaterials applications, including drug delivery and targeting, research of which incorporates several leading technology platforms including transcriptomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics. 

Dr Moffatt is an astute academic with a thorough understanding of the academic and administrative structures in a tertiary institution. His research hinges on the formulation and development of active macromolecular biological entities, particularly, nano-encapsulated polymeric particles for tumor delivery. He is a prolific researcher whose current research in Biomedical and Genetic Engineering has yielded more than 42 highly cited peer-reviewed international publications, 16 scientific articles with more than 22 invited presentations at the international level. Dr. Moffatt has made numerous presentations at various international meetings in the UK, USA and Asia in this interesting and dynamic area of research. As his contribution to the area of bio-nanotechnology in developing countries, He is currently on the Faculty at CSIR (South Africa) Center of Excellence as an adjunct Professor in nanomedicine, and the Africa Coordinator for USEACANI (US-Europe-Asia Pacific- Caribbean Nanotechnology Initiative). He is a devoted Christian and enjoys reading scientific literature.



Derrick Ohene GyamfiDerrick Ohene Gyamfi

(Research Analyst, Institutional Effectiveness) 

Brief Biography

Mr. Derrick Gyamfi is an experienced Research and Business Analyst professional with demonstrated ability in using statistical techniques and emerging Information Technologies to manage and analyze large and complex corporate data as well as conducting both qualitative and quantitative research in several areas of business operations. He has worked on a number of research and data management projects for several organizations. Mr. Gyamfi joined Regent University College of Science and Technology in March 2013 to work on institution’s quality assurance matters such as the institution’s accreditation matters, and the collation and dissemination of institutional data for decision making.