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Adimadim JHS Project Takes Shape

The determination of the President and CEO, Rev. Prof. E. Kingsley Larbi, to ensure that children from all over the country benefit from a universally acceptable educational system that would prepare them to compete favourably with their peers around the world is gradually bearing fruit in Adimadim (Kyenku Larbi), a deprived rural settlement within the Suhum Kraboa Coaltar constituency of the Eastern Region of Ghana.

On the last Farmers’ Day, December 2, 2011, a public holiday, students, administrative staff and lecturers of the university defied the joy of spending the day in the privacy of their homes to proudly identify with the university’s effort to bring facilities at the Kyenku Larbi D/A Junior High School to acceptable standards.

With enthusiasm and the excitement of venturing into the new areas of the country (to most of them) boldly written on their faces, about 60 of the adventure-stricken Regent group took off in the university’s old but faithful Tata bus from the university’s City Campus at exactly 8.30 a.m. Their destination: Adimadim (Kyenku Larbi), some 45 miles away from Accra.

You need to have seen the ease with which lecturers, students and administrative staff savoured the special bread hawked by traders in Suhum town. While some confessed that the very taste caressed their appetite, some could not help eating as much as they could to alleviate hunger pangs.

At long last, after the bumpy ride along portions of the Accra-Kumasi Road and the meandering mountain road of the Suhum countryside, Adimadim lay before the enthusiastic travellers, its people ready to receive them with open arms and to accept whatever good things they had brought them.

After a brief interaction with the chief and his people, the Regent group began in earnest to implement their plans for the community. They quickly broke into various groups.

One group took charge of plastering the new school washroom while another completed its plumbing work. Others took over the landscaping to give the school block a new and more beautiful look.

Inside the main teachers’ residence, yet another group exhibited its dexterity with painting to give the teachers’ quarters a facelift. A plastering of the quarters’ fence gave its aesthetics a further boost.

Perhaps the most tasking of the work at hand was the digging of a manhole to bury the new plastic septic tank donated by the university. When that aspect of the work had been completed, it finally dawned on all present that the hole needed a concrete platform to prevent the tank from sinking during the rainy season. Well, that was duly done, but then, the plumber and the mason had to let the concrete settle to complete whatever else remained to be done, till the Regent family returned another day for a different assignment.

At hand to steer activities with conspicuous administrative expertise, were the President and CEO, Rev. Prof. E. Kingsley Larbi, and the Vice President, Mr. Albert Amonoo.

Item 13 was not lost on the agenda. There was enough food and plenty of fresh coconut to satisfy everybody.

Then came the highlight of the Adimadim trip – a friendly football match between Regent 11 and Adimadim 11. Let me just say that a hurriedly assembled and obviously tired Regent 11 found themselves pitted against a regular Adimadim side that had successfully competed in Group Two fixtures.

That Regent-Ghana graciously went down one goal to nil to Adimadim after a hard fight should tell you, dear reader, how not to mix serious matches with strenuous physical work. Not even the President’s shouts of ‘Pass the ball!’ could turn the day in Regent-Ghana’s favour. Yet, at the end of the day, one could say with confidence that the match was worth it as it drove home to all present at the park the need for Regent-Ghana to also have a standing football team worth its name. The name of the game, no doubt, is g-o-a-l-s-!! Over to the Regent-Ghana football coach.