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The Role of the African Writer/Scholar In the Liberation of the African Mind

This paper takes stock of some of Africa’s achievements in the past fifty years with particular emphasis on intellectual achievements. It suggests that while individual Africans around the globe are contributing a lot to advancement of knowledge, such contributions are not noticed within the continent.


The reason seems to be that African leaders do not have focus or direction. For instance, successive governments of Ghana since Dr. Kwame Nkrumah have changed the country’s educational and language policies so often that the result is confusion for all concerned. Meanwhile pupils are not getting the best out of their classes because there is proof that the language of education in the formative years of a child plays an important role in the child’s performance in school.

This problem aside, a lot of our indigenous languages are dying off, and with them quite a few of our wonderful cultures. The paper concludes that, indeed, ours is an “unfinished journey” and that unless the African Writers and Scholars make a conscious effort to assist the leaders of the Continent, Africa will remain mostly underdeveloped in the next fifty years.