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Calling Regent-MSM Alumni!!

Maastricht School of Management, MSM, in collaboration with Maastricht University and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, presents the Maastricht Summer School with the theme - Women and Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries – for interested Regent-MSM alumni from July 23 to August 3, 2012.


In this course which is open to only the first 25 applicants, participants will reflect on the broader macro- and socio-economic context that impacts on development, women and entrepreneurship. They will also learn about the different factors, actors, circumstances and conditions that influence the behaviour, choices and environments of women entrepreneurs.

Lastly, participants will be led to explore and discuss the effect of the policies and practices that are applied to promote women entrepreneurship
in developing countries and particularly, reasons why the gender
gap in entrepreneurship persists.

The course consists of the following three parts:

1. The gender-bias of the macro- and socio-economic context

2. Factors, conditions and circumstances that influence choices and behaviours of female entrepreneurs and their ventures

3. Practices and policies for women entrepreneurship promotion


Participants will also be challenged to step into the shoes of a policy maker or programme manager and write a concept note for a (to be developed) policy or initiative that successfully promotes women entrepreneurship in developing countries. All classes are interactive and participants are continuously invited (and expected) to actively participate during plenary sessions, working groups, presentations, work visits and (writing) assignments.


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