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Critical Time Lines

  1. Refurbishment of existing structure at McCarthy Hill (February 2012 to June 2012).
    • Furnishing of refurbished structure
    • Computer Science Department, Department of Divinity and Ministry, Department of Psychology and Human Development, etc., to relocate by August 2012.
    • Morning stream of School of Business and Economics to relocate to McCarthy Hill; evening stream to transfer to City Campus.
  2. Sale of The King’s Campus for strategic reasons.
  3. First phase of construction works (April 2012 to August 2013).
    • Hostels, three academic blocks to be completed by June 2013
    • Furnishing of facilities (July 2013).
    • Rental of City Campus ends (June 2013)
    • The whole University moves to McCarthy Hill (September 2013)
  4. Second phase of construction works (June 2013 to ca August 2014)
    • Administrative Block
    • Main Library
    • Sports Building
    • Auditorium
    • Main Cafeteria
  5. Leasing of Trinity Campus ends June 2012.
  6. Charter Application Commences by January 2014 with proposal for change of name.
  7. Name change to Regent University of Leadership, Science and Technology (January 2015).  Proposed date for the granting of Charter.
  8. Celebrations of 10 years of existence and service to humanity (January 2015).
  9. Arrangements to appoint a new President (December 2015).