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4th Higher Education Fair (Accra): The Regent Ghana Contribution

The Ministry of Education in collaboration with I-Texon Ghana has successfully ended a three-day fair, theme: ’’The Mop-up’’ No Student Left Behind’’. The exhibition was stated on the 17TH of February,2011 and ended on the, 19th of February 2011.The Fair started with an opening speech by a representative of the Minister of Education, Mrs. Betty Mould Iddrsu, the C.E.O of I-Texon Ghana, Captain Mrs. Katherine Haizel .The educational exhibition brought together a large number of students from several secondary and college level institutions from all the regions in Ghana, corporate bodies ,businesses, workers and all other interested parties and NGO groups.

Regent Ghana committed to its contribution to the national agenda and championing the development of the human capital of Ghana and Africa for that matter; partricipated fully with a well placed and decorated exhibition stand displaying several programme brochures; from postgraduate to undergraduate programmes and special courses.Several books written by Authors within the Regent community were on display. 

The Marketing department in collaboration with the engineering, and the Information Technology department mounted several scientific inventions and student engineering projects for live demonstrations at the Regent Ghana exhibition stand. Using outdoor roll-up banners, banners, projectors and other advertising resource materials; the marketing team created an effective display of the Regent Ghana brand. Some of the projects on display where the ‘Gas Leakage Detector, Water Level Detector, Smoke and Gas Detectors, Alarm and Telephone Dialer, Security Systems ,Radio Transmitters within a 200 meter mile radius and the miniature of the current traffic light systems; just to name a few.

As part of the marketing team’s activities, the team held several presentations with all of our prospective students from all walks of life and institutions about the Regent Ghana experience, its programmes and objectives, sharing words of inspiration and empowerment, instilling in them the ability to think outside the box and a sense of achievement. The team also ignited that burning desire to attain a respectable and decent future, within the society and achieving an independent financial status through continuous learning and education amongst all the participants.