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Judicious Use of University Facilities

Management has observed that during off lecture periods, weekends and holidays most of the lecture rooms and laboratories at the various campuses are used by few students with A/Cs and other electrical/electronic devices on.

Management would like to remind all students of the need for the judicious use of the University's facilities and strive to avoid wastage.

Consequently, Management advises that:

  1. Students will be allowed to use the University's facilities during off hours, holidays and weekends only with permission from Management and strictly for private study or approved lectures. The security will have to keep records of all entries and exits.
  2. For students who come to study during the weekends, they will have to use either the Libraries or lecture halls designated for that purpose by the Campus Managers/Coordinators. It will be prudent in such cases to open windows to allow in fresh air or where necessary put on the fans and not the A/Cs. Again all lights and computers and other electrical/electronic equipment in all rooms not in use are to be put off and rooms locked up after use as a safety measure.
  3. Students are to note that charging of mobile phones and laptops on any of the University College Campuses is prohibited.
  4. Air-conditions and Lights when not in use should be putt off.

Students are kindly advised to comply with these directives.

Campus Managers/Coordinators are kindly requested to collaborate with the security staff in the enforcement of these directives.