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The Move To McCarthy Hill

Speculation was rife that King’s Campus was up for sale. Except this was no speculation, for an advertisement offering the facility for sale had really appeared in the Daily Graphic on Wednesday, December 28, 2011. Many Regent-Ghana Alumnus greeted the news with mixed feelings. The question was, how could our Kings’ Campus, the most impressive edifice of pride which all affiliated to Regent-Ghana boasts of, be up for sale?


The news put the alumni leadership under severe pressure because many an alumnus would call to confirm the news and request reasons. In staying true to their mandate, the alumni leadership contacted the management of Regent to request reasons for the sale. A meeting was subsequently convened between representatives of the Regent-Ghana alumni and the university’s management on January 23, 2012. This unveiled the reasons Kings was up for sale and the need to move to McCarthy Hill. The meeting commenced at about 09:45a.m and lasted a little over an hour.  Present were the following:


1. Rev. Prof. E. Kingsley Larbi –  President & CEO Regent
2. Mr. Albert Kobina Amonoo –  Vice Pres. Admin. &  Dev.
3. Mr. Victor Ofinam-Antwi –  Public Affairs Manager
4. Prof.  Kweku Appiadu-Adu – Office of the President
5. Mr. Edward Dorsaa –  Admin. Assistant, President’s Office
6. Rudolf Akrong – now at Tigo – Regent Alumnus
7. Christian Asante – now at NHIS –  Regent Alumnus

At the meeting, Prof Larbi outlined a brilliant plan for the move to McCarthy Hill which made the sale of Kings’ Campus a step in the right direction. The plan proved to be so grand that the sale of the campus can best be described as moving from glory to glory.
So why is King’s Campus being sold? The answer is very simple; it is part of a grand plan to lead us to the “Promised Land” (McCarthy Hill). Going by a document on the time lines for the move to McCarthy Hill handed over to us by the President and CEO, proceeds from the sale of King’s Campus can possibly finance the construction of three hostels and three academic blocks at the future main campus.

The President also mentioned other strategic plans facilitating the move to McCarthy Hill. A key aspect of this strategy is the need to make maximum and effective use of existing infrastructure at City Campus and McCarthy Hill between time of the sale of King’s Campus and the completion of the McCarthy Hill project (Click here to view the critical Time Lines). 
It is believed that a move to McCarthy Hill will be of exponential benefit to both students and management, because of the following:

  • it will end the inconvenient and expensive multi-campus system presently operated by the university;
  • the new attractive image of the school will lead to an increase in student intake, with a ripple positive impact on the conditions of service of staff and the quality of service offered students.

So, what do we resolve as an alumni? 
That, based on the information available to us, we will communicate the plan to all relevant    people we come into contact with;

  • That we are excited about the direction Regent-Ghana management is going and are eagerly awaiting results based on the time lines given.