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Prof Kingsley Larbi on Effect of Organisational Indiscipline

The President and CEO, Prof. E. Kingsley Larbi, has attributed low productivity among all levels of workers of the University to indiscipline and other forms of laxity. He said with the right attitude to work, great possibilities present in the country could be harnessed by people of vision to improve their circumstances to the advantage of themselves and the greater community, which includes the academia.

Speaking on the topic, 'Can the dry bones live again,' in a sermon to open the second of a three-day workshop organised at the City Campus of the University to usher in the next academic semester, the CEO said the only thing which could enable the country harness its God-given potentials to solve its myriad problems is to do things that would make them repossess their possessions.

He noted that when the impoverished and dispossessed people of Israel showed remorse, God, through the prophet Ezekiel, brought the people He had compared to "a valley of dry bones" back to their own land in victory.

Prof. Kingsley Larbi recalled prophecies made about Ghana and Africa in the past, noting that days were coming when a new Ghana and the rest of Africa world emerge from their present underdeveloped state through a revived human responsibility and divine inspiration if the people would return to the ways of God.

The CEO reiterated that Regent-Ghana, born out of that divine inspiration, had given itself the vision of educating and enlightening learners at a distinctive cutting-edge university that is dedicated to preparing a highly-qualified human resource in science and technology application for holistic socio-economic development and spiritual revival.

He challenged faculty and administrative staff to mentally migrate from the infant stage of the institution's development to the stage of maturity which leads to the consolidation of gains; moving to the centre stage; advancing of the mission and vision to re-strategizing for growth.