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President Calls for an Educational Bank to Support Brilliant-But-Needy Students

Rev. Prof. Emmanuel K. Larbi, Founder and President of Regent–Ghana, has advocated the establishment of a bank that will specialise, among other things, in the granting of soft loans with flexible terms of payment to individuals to finance their education. The same bank can also grant similar soft loans to educational institutions to enable them expand.

Prof. Larbi made the call at the 7th Matriculation Ceremony of Regent-Ghana, which saw the admission of almost six hundred new students into the university to pursue various academic programmes.

Rev. Prof. Larbi called on government to a play more dynamic role to support brilliant-but-needy students to acquire tertiary education, noting that “the development of the human resource requirement of a nation requires collective responsibility with the central government playing a more dynamic role.” He said, failure to do this “will result in the massive waste of human capital and a loss of productive asset to our nation and our continent as a whole.”

The President bemoaned the situation in which most of the youth could not have access to tertiary education due to the inability of prospective students’ to pay the required fees. He continued: “Unlike years gone by, our nation today can boast of over 68 accredited degree awarding institutions; all combined, should be able to absorb all qualified students who want to pursue university education. The challenge, therefore, is no longer the problem of lack of space to admit these qualified students; rather, it is the problem of prospective students’ inability to pay the required fees. This challenge applies both to the private universities as well as the public universities.”

Rev. Prof. Larbi noted that, Regent-Ghana is determined, by the help of God, to release into the nation, and other nations of the world, a vanguard of purpose-driven, cadet corps of professionals and academics who will be committed to the holistic renewal of our great land and our great continent.

The Guest Speaker was Mr. Roland Agambire, Chief Executive Office of rlg Communications, members of faculty and administration, the rest of the students body and members of the general public were also present at the ceremony.

According to Mr. Agambire, rlg Communications will April this year, launch the “Young Innovators Project” in Regent-Ghana. The project is meant to train students of Regent-Ghana for onward employment upon their successful graduation from the university.

See full speech by President here.