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Regent-Ghana Students Union Celebrates Societal Day

The Regent-Ghana Students' Parliament marked its annual Societal Day on sunday April 15, 2012, at the Trinity Campus, Mataheko. Over five hundred students took part in the celebration. In attendance were young musicians, who entertained students to a variety of local music.  Health workers took students through elaborate Health Screening.


The screening, which involved about a hundred students, was at the instance of Diamond and Pearls, an event and research organisation.

Areas touched by the screening included blood grouping, body mass index, Hepatitis B, Cancer, Malaria  and HIV. 
According to the organisers, similar screening excercises will be done in a total of twenty tertiary institutions in the country as a way of promoting good health among the youth.

The Dean of Students' Affairs and the Students' Parliament has, over the years, endeavoured to organise social programmes to bring students from the four campuses together as a way of encouraging them to interact with themselves. One such programme, is the Societal Day.

The Societal Day is an event in which students from all the societies ( also known as "Halls" in other universities) namely Ubuntu, Stott, McKeown, Nkrumah and Anim converge to socialise and to benefit from activities geared towards human upliftment.

Most students danced to their favourite music tunes, popular among which was the latest dance move known as "Azonto." Most of the students interviewed expressed great excitement about the programme and advocated more of such programmes in the not-too-distance future.