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rlg Communications Partners Regent-Ghana to Raise Innovative Graduates

Regent-Ghana is to benefit from an rlg Communications-initiated “Young Innovators Project” to train students of the university in entrepreneurship and information technology from April this year.

Announcing this at the 7th matriculation ceremony of the university held at its City Campus last Friday, March 2, Mr. Roland Agambire, Chief Executive Officer of the privately-owned information communications technology firm, said rlg Communications will also absorb about 20% of graduates of the university upon a successful completion of their respective programmes.


Mr. Agambire, who was visibly excited about the matriculation ceremony coinciding with the 10th anniversary of his firm, encouraged the matriculants to take their studies seriously and to aim at becoming entrepreneurs at the end of their programmes, instead of joining the unemployment queue.

He advised: “You must use your certificates to create jobs and not to look for jobs.”

The rlg Communications CEO urged Ghanaians to patronise products from rlg, adding: “We must use what is ours; that which we can call Ghanaian.”

In all, 531 students took the matriculation oath led by the Registrar of the university, Mr. Albert. K. Amonoo.

In his address, the founder and CEO of the university, Prof. E. Kingsley Larbi, congratulated Mr. Roland Agambire for his immense contribution to the promotion of information and communications technology in the country and for serving as a role model for the youth of this country.  He challenged the youth to take charge of their destiny by maximizing their God-given talent for the overall benefit of humanity as done by Mr. Agambire and other successful Ghanaians.

He further charged leaders of the nation to do everything possible to erase the wrong perception that it is only when we enter into partisan politics or are associated with certain power structures, or are involved in some shady deals or travel outside our own continent that we will become prosperous or be able to acquire certain basic necessities of life.

The President stressed Regent-Ghana’s vision to, “by the help of God, release into our nation, and other nations of the world, a vanguard of purpose-driven, cadet corps of professionals and academics who will be committed to the holistic renewal of our great land and our great continent. He added that the institution is committed to “the mandate God gave Adam and Eve, our progenitors (Gen. 1:26-28).  We believe this mandate is given to every member of the human race.  We are therefore committed to the mandate to be fruitful and productive; we are committed to the mandate to rule our environment and make it habitable; we are committed to the mandate to subdue or put our environment under our control, harnessing its resources for our collective good.” 

According to Prof. Larbi, “because of this mandate, we as a people, have (the) God-given capacity to overcome the seemingly intractable challenges that have bedeviled the development of our nation and our continent.  We, think, however, that this can be possible if we put premium on relevant quality education, and the raising of effective leaders imbued with vision and passion for positive change”.

He ended his address by reminding the matriculants that, “by accepting to be students in this institution, you are voluntarily identifying yourselves with the Mission and Vision of Regent University.  You are agreeing with us that you will be loyal members of this university; you are making a commitment to fully employ all your God-given faculties, through the help of God, to study diligently and to dedicate yourself to all that is required to prepare you to play a proper role in the realization of the vision to raise effective, confident, visionary, ethical leaders for Africa, and for our world. ”