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Regent-Ghana Launches an Institutional Repository

Regent-Ghana has launched an Online Institutional Repository - RUCST Space - to manage the scholarly works of the University in digital form. Powered by the DSpace software, this online database provides a stable platform for the storage and dissemination of the academic output of the University.

RUCST Space will thus contain (and make globally accessible), the intellectual works of all members of the Regent-Ghana community, including faculty and staff publications, student theses and dissertations, ongoing research works, speeches, conference presentations, administrative and course notes etc. Most of this material will be open access, and can thus be searched, read, printed and downloaded freely over the internet. The repository will however allow private or restricted collections where material can be archived and be made accessible to only some select groups or individuals.

RUCST Space has the potential of serving as another tangible indicator of the university's quality as it showcases the scientific, societal, and economic relevance of Regent's scholarly activities. Also, by using DSpace, Regent Ghana will also be joining a community of over 900 academic, non-profit, and other commercial organizations that currently use DSpace as their platform of choice for their respective repositories. This further increases the institution's visibility, status, and public value as RUCST Space will have links pointing to it on several other DSpace sites on the web.

Presently, RUCST Space is being populated with the digital versions of theses and dissertations of all students who have so far graduated from the University. In the next few weeks, faculty and staff will have the opportunity to upload their publications, articles, conference presentations, course syllabi etc. Registration to participate in this will soon be opened. For further information on this, contact the Regent IT Department.