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531 Students Take The Matriculation Oath

A total of 531 fresh students have been admitted to pursue various undergraduate programmes at Regent-Ghana. Taking the matriculating oath administered by the Registrar of the university, Mr. Albert K. Amonoo, the students pledged to diligently apply themselves to their intellectual pursuits and to the full use of the creative powers of their minds and spirit to the glory of God.

They also pledged to keep their total being from all immoral and illegal habits, whether on or off campus; not to take any illegal drug, commit illicit sexual acts, drink any intoxicants of any kind, or engage in any behaviour that are contrary to the rules and regulations stated in the Students’ Handbook.

With their matriculation, the new intakes have been accepted as Junior Members to the rights, privileges and responsibilities of the Regent University College of Science and Technology.

In his welcome address, Rt. Hon. George Akomeah, Speaker of the Students’ Parliament, urged all Regent citizens to work to create “a truly independent, open and egalitarian society in which every citizen will be empowered to make meaningful contributions to the development of this university and the nation as whole.”

He also appealed to the university administration to continue to make access to teaching and learning materials, as well as a secure learning environment its prime focus.