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Address by the President & CEO on 6th Matriculation Ceremony

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

I welcome all of you to today’s Matriculation ceremony, a ceremony that will formally admit about 690 students into our fold as junior members.


Just about 6 years ago, to be specific, 28th January, 2006, we had our first matriculation that formally brought in about 500 students. As at the time of that premier matriculation, about 30 daring students, who were admitted a year before in January 2005, had already become an integral part of the Regent-Ghana community.  We salute all our pioneer students; their faith and confidence in us, gave us the initial push.  May our good Lord continue to bless all of them, wherever they are.

Though it has been a long journey, with all the attendant challenges, notwithstanding, it has been an exciting journey; a journey of hope, and a journey of great expectation; expectation of the fulfillment of the promise of the great and faithful God, who had previously assured us that though we will start small, we will undoubtedly grow big.  

With that humble beginning, which started about six years ago, today, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, I am happy to state that, God has indeed, been very faithful. It is with great joy therefore, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, to formally announce that, in the 14th edition of the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, published in January, 2011, Regent University was ranked as the Third Best University in Ghana, coming after Legon, which was ranked second, and KNUST, which was ranked first.   

Indeed, to God be the glory, for the great things He has done!

Though we rejoice in our current ranking, we still believe we can do better, not only at the local scene; we believe, by the grace of God, we can work hard to find ourselves well positioned in the international rankings as well.  As an institution, we are seeking to become a world class university within the next ten years. This therefore calls for hard work, determination, perseverance, and courage on the part of all stakeholders, especially those at the forefront.

These, God enabling us, we will do. We can therefore hope and expect greater things ahead of us. Not because we are capable, but because our God is able and we have placed our absolute faith in Him.  God will be with us, and work for us and with us, as we play our part. In this, we can trust that, even when we are weak, and our strength and ingenuity seem to be failing us, we can count on his strength, the strength of the Almighty and All-sufficient God.

As an institution, our mission is unshakeable; and our vision is clear!  Regent University is destined, by the grace of God, to accomplish its mission as a choicest, distinctive cutting-edge, African Christian University that is dedicated to preparing highly qualified human resources in science and technology application for holistic socio-economic development and spiritual renewal. We are determined, by the help of God, to release into our competitive global environment, a vanguard of purpose-driven, cadet of professionals and academics who are committed to the holistic renewal of our great land and our great continent.

As an institution, we are committed to the mandate God gave to Adam and Eve, our progenitors (Gen. 1:28); an extension of this mandate is given to every member of the human race.  We are committed to the mandate to be fruitful and productive; we are committed to the mandate to rule our environment and make it habitable; we are committed to the mandate to subdue or put our environment under our control harnessing its resources for our collective good.

We believe as an institution, because of this mandate, we as a people, have God given capacity to overcome the seemingly intractable challenges that have bedeviled the development of our nation and our continent. We, think, however, that this can be possible if we put premium on relevant quality education, and the raising of effective leaders imbued with vision and passion for positive change.

It is to this end that today, 25th February, 2011, we are formally accepting these matriculants into this University. By accepting to be a student in this institution, you are voluntarily identifying yourself with the Mission and Vision of Regent University. You are covenanting to be a loyal member of the university; you are making a commitment to fully employ all your God-given faculties, through the help of God, to study diligently and to dedicate yourself to all that is required to prepare you to play a proper role in the realization of the vision to raise effective, confident, visionary leaders for Africa, and our world.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, Africa is tired of leaders whose greatest preoccupation is what they can get out of the positions they occupy. We must be wary of leaders who perceive themselves as demigods with an eternal mantra to rule forever, and to dominate the wills of their people whether majority of the citizenry want them or not.  We must cry for leaders whose battle-cry is “service to the people.” This is what we need, and this is what we must insist upon.

We must therefore pray and work towards a new Ghana and a new Africa. This should be our collective vision. A vision of a new Africa, and a vision of a new breed of leaders for our nations. 

May the good Lord help us to realize this in our time.