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The Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Jonas Akpanglo-Nartey, returned from a one week trip to the Netherlands on September 10, 2012. The trip was at the invitation of the Maastricht School of Management (MsM)

, an affiliate institution of Regent University College, to participate in a number of programmes outlined for the 60th anniversary of Maastricht School of Management. 
He was warmly welcomed by Prof. Wim Naude (the Dean Director) and his team (comprising Prof. nan Mourik - the Director of Education, Ms. Helmy Koolen - the Senior Manager of Education, and Ms. Dolores McIntyre –Godfrey  - Officer of Educational Operations.

During discussions, the Dean Director praised Ghana for churning out high quality students. He also made known MsM’s intention to maintain its presence in Ghana, in view of the country’s emerging economic importance. The meeting discussed in detail the proposed Regent-MsM DBA programme. It was agreed that a further meeting would be required to work out details of faculty and other technical issues before the programme takes off.

The Vice President attended the 2nd Annual Research Conference. According to him, “several interesting papers were presented and many informative plenary sessions held”. Topics treated at the conference included the following: Economic Development, Youth Development, Entrepreneurship Training, among others. In addition to this, he attended the 60th MSM Graduation Ceremony. Out of the six Regent MsM MBA graduates, three could embark on the journey for the graduation ceremony. Later in the day, guests and graduates were treated to a special session in Town-Hall where special awards were given. Princess Maxima of the Netherlands was the special Guest of Honour. A Ghanaian resident student was awarded for producing the best MBA thesis.

Prof. Akpanglo-Nartey also participated in the Partners’ Conference on the theme “Creating a Think-Tank for Business Schools on Sustainable Development”. Two major papers were presented on Quality in Partnership. Other papers were presented on two broad areas, namely, “Innovative in Partnership: New Initiatives” and “Strength in Partnership: Moving Forward”. The presenters came from various backgrounds and countries, including Germany, Romania, China, Peru, Indonesia, and Yemen.

In commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of MsM, a business dinner was held in the Government Hall. Speakers included the Deputy Governor and Google’s Vice-President of Emerging Markets, who also happened to be an old student of MsM.

Additionally, Prof. Akpanglo-Nartey was an invitee at the Floriade 2012 which was organized at the Trade Fair, primarily for agro-businesses. The main business here was a presentation on High Performance Organizations (HPO).   Prof. Akpanglo-Nartey’s visit deepened the already impressive relationship between Regent University and Maastricht School of Management. The two institutions pledged to continue the academic collaboration to the benefit of both institutions and their countries.