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2012 Diaries: Regent-Ghana Organises Fire Drill

Regent Ghana fire drill
A student extinguishing fire during the drill

On Friday, the 30th of November, a loud alarm was heard in the main building of the City campus. Evidently, a fire alarm in the main building of the City Campus was triggered, and its accompanying loud noise echoed throughout the building.  Almost intuitively, students and staff began to exit the building. It wasn’t hard to find puzzled looks on the faces of some students.

However, soon afterwards, news came in that there was no fire outbreak. Apparently, the ringing of the fire alarm was part of a routine test to check the response time of the Regent community members, in the advent of a real fire outbreak.

Students and staff, who had gathered at the forecourt of the City Campus, were signaled to assemble at the car park, where an hour long fire drill was held, as was announced the previous day by the University Safety Officer.

The drill, which was organised by the Support Services Unit of Regent-Ghana, in conjunction with the Ghana National Fire Service Department, saw officials from the Fire Service taking turns to educate community members present about the rudiments of fire fighting.

The personnel offered tactical tips and insights on what to do in the event of a fire outbreak.

A practical session was held to demonstrate strategies that could be deployed to put out fires. As part of the session, a match was lighted and thrown into a metallic basin containing a flammable liquid. A flame was ignited immediately, which drew shouts of excitement from the gathered crowd. A demonstration was then given on how to effectively extinguish a fire, using a Fire Extinguisher.

The main instructor emphasized the need to carefully choose a fire extinguisher with a weight that is less than its carrier, when attempting to put out a fire.  Participants were also cautioned to always aim at the base of the fire and not the flame, as this offered the most effective means of extinguishing the fuel. Moreover, participants were advised against the use of water in putting out fires. Materials such as sand and damp jute bags were recommended for extinguishing fires.

The Regent Community was entreated to use a sweeping motion (moving the fire extinguisher back and forth) until the fire is completely out.

University staff and students alike were given the opportunity to have a hands-on feel of putting out a fire.

At the end of the session, an invitation was given for questions from the participants. The Fire Service Hotline was also provided.

Both staff and students appreciated the fire lesson and were convinced that the importance of safety at the institution could not be overemphasized.

regent ghana fire drill regent ghana fire drill

regent ghana fire drill regent ghana fire drill