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Regent Ghana-adopted Junior High School, Scores 95% Pass in BECE

Kyenku Larbi

Barely two years after the adoption of the Adimadim Kyenku-Larbi D/A Junior High School, by the Regent University College and Professor E.K. Larbi; the rural-based school has recorded its best-ever overall pass rate in the yearly-held Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).


An impressive 95% pass rate was achieved by the school, in the recently-held BECE (2012), a significant improvement from the 71% pass rate it recorded in last year’s examination.

It is worth noting that the current performance of the school is a sharp contrast to what previously existed prior to the intervention of the university, and Prof. Larbi in 2009.    

Adimadim Kyenku-Larbi D/A Junior High School, like many schools located in the rural parts of the country, was until recently bedeviled with myriads of infrastructural and other challenges, with a consequent low-quality educational delivery. Over the years, performance in the BECE examinations had indeed been consistently catastrophic, with as low as 0% pass in the national examinations recorded in one instance.  

In addition to this, the school had been plagued by problems such as low enrolment, inability or unwillingness of some parents to pay the required token fees of their wards, lack of suitable accommodation for teachers in the community, culminating in lateness, absenteeism, inadequate monitoring of pupil’s progress to mention but a few.

Driven by a desire to provide enduring solutions to the aforementioned problems, which unfortunately, are commonplace in schools in the rural areas, Regent University College, in partnership with the President and CEO, Rev. Prof. Larbi, established the Regent Ghana Educational Initiative.

The initiative, aimed at providing modern, high quality educational facilities in a rural setting comparable with any good school anywhere in the country, has so far chalked significant successes.

Through the initiative, the school’s uncompleted block has been remoulded and completed. In the spirit of volunteerism, a team of administrative staff, lecturers and students from Regent University College, have also played instrumental roles in giving the school a major facelift. 

Also, two additional teachers have been engaged by the university and provided with suitably furnished accommodation, to enable them complement the work of the two employed by the government. Their presence has already registered profound interest in the revival of education in the community. Some dropouts have returned to school.

Additionally, a computer laboratory has been set up to help equip the students with IT skills. Moreover, modern chairs and tables for remedial classes in the evenings have been procured. A generator has been acquired and is regularly fuelled by the university to help provide uninterrupted power supply during remedial classes in the evenings. Furthermore, a four-seater water closet has been constructed for the school. 

According to the headmaster of the school, Mr. Anakwa, the much-needed renovation and other works spearheaded by the university, has been a great source of motivation to the student body. “We are grateful to the Regent community, and Prof. Larbi, for this marvelous initiative which has brought about a real transformation in the school and indeed the community. The qualified teachers and the generator equipment provided, have made it possible for extra classes to be held, which has led to a significant improvement in the performance of our students” , he said.

Sadly, although the school recorded an unprecedented number of passes in this year’s BECE examination, a significant number of the candidates have been forced to stay at home, instead of proceeding to Senior High School, for a number of reasons. 

In a bid to address this troubling development, the President and CEO, in addition to his support for the school, has helped in ensuring that students with good passes in the BECE and who get school placement actually go to school. He does this by dispatching a team to the village, to meet all parents and guardians of the BECE candidates, to encourage them to mobilize funds to send their wards to Senior High School. 

However, there have been cases when parents and guardians are not in the financial position to send their wards to the Senior High School.

In this regard, Prof.Larbi and Regent University have taken up the responsibility of ensuring that these brilliant but needy students gain access to secondary education.

It is hoped that this timely collaborative effort between Regent-Ghana, Rev. Prof. Larbi, and the Adimadim Kyenku-Larbi community, together with the stakeholders, will serve as a shining example of how through good leadership, coupled with a clear sense of urgency and direction, we can all make a difference in our society.  

Adimadim Kyenku-Larbi D/A Junior High School, is one of about 100 Junior High schools in the Suhum district, in the Eastern Region. The name Kyenku-Larbi is a corruption of the Ga phrase (Kyenku le obiee), literally translates as ‘Kyenku takes care of his children’ a depiction of the way the original inhabitant of this village, a Ga man, called Kyenku, managed to take good care of his offspring at that settlement. Unfortunately, this has not been the case for most inhabitants at this settlement in later years due to abject poverty.