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Womens’ Commission Organises Fashion and Relationship Talk

The Womens’ Commission (WC) of the Regent Ghana Students’ Parliament (RGSP) held a Fashion and Relationship talk on Friday April 15, 2013 at the Multi-purpose Hall of the City Campus. The seminar was on the theme “Dare to be different”.

The theme was adopted by the Commission to equip the citizens of RGSP, especially females, with the necessary tools to build healthy relationships, enhance their personal brands, and develop their fashion sense.


Mrs. Dzigbordi K. Dosoo, Founder & CEO of Allure Africa, was the guest speaker. The highly acclaimed Wellness Grooming, Image and Lifestyle Expert emphasized on the need to look beyond love to search for values in relationships. She noted that values could be in the form of advice, sharing, communication among others. Values, she asserted should be one of the main pillars of every relationship.

Dzibordi, who was ranked as Ghana’s 7th Most Respected CEO in 2012, also noted that to be distinctive, one needs to have a compelling story that serves as a source of motivation to oneself and to others. She cited an instance in her own life of how at one point in time; she was uncomfortable and unhappy about her excessive body weight. This situation led her to venture into wellness, first for herself, and then to help others. By dint of hardwork and commitment, today, her company is an award winning premier Spa and Lifestyle Group that sees to the wellness of others.

Dzigbordi went on to stress on the need to build an image by knowing oneself. According to her, knowing oneself is an important exercise every individual must undergo, because it enables an individual to become aware of his or her personal attributes. She also threw light on what she described as ‘the levels of image’ and the need to know the level at which one is.

She emphasized on the important role image plays in attaining greater heights in life, noting that one could even secure a job interview by presenting a good image – Womens’ Commission (Regent Ghana Students’ Parliament)