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Meet the 2013-2014 Student Leadership Team

Regent University Students' Union handing over Ceremony

A new student leadership team has been elected and sworn into office to lead the Regent-Ghana Students’ Union, for the 2013/2014 academic year.  Following nominations, vetting and voting; the newly-elected leaders have been appointed to succeed the previous Students’ Union administration which was led by Nadia Darko Lartey, whose tenure of office ended this academic year.


The Regent Ghana Students’ Union (abbreviated as RGSU), is the students’ representative body of the university, tasked with the responsibility of providing a wide range of services to the student body. 

The newly sworn-in leaders consist of the Senior Executive Officers, Members of Parliament and Governors of the various Regent-Ghana Societies (Equivalent to halls of residence),making up the Regent Ghana Students’ Parliament (RGSP). RGSP (equivalent to the Students’ Representative Council in other universities) is the governing body of RGSU. Meet the Senior Executive Officers who would serve the student body in the next academic year:


The Speaker of Parliament: 

Jude Eastwood(Rt Hon) Jude Selorm Apedo Eastwood: Jude, a level 400, BSc. Economics with Computing student is the new Speaker of the Regent Ghana Students’ Parliament.  He successfully ran unopposed for the highest ranking student leadership position in the recently held student elections. During his tenure of office, Jude hopes to further raise the visibility of the university through a number of projects and initiatives. He also intends increasing the accountability and openness of the Students’ Parliament. “Transparency, accountability and probity would be our hallmark” he says. As the Speaker, he will be responsible for representing the Students’ Union and Parliament on the Senatus Academicus and other Boards where the university statutes requires student representation.


Deputy Speaker: 

Felix Aggrey(Hon) Felix Kojo Aggrey: Felix, a fourth-year Human Development and Psychology student, will serve as the new Deputy Speaker. As the second most senior officer (Vice President) of the Regent Students’ Union, he would among other things, assist the Speaker to carry out the duties and functions of the office of the Speaker.




The Clerk of Parliament: 

Oliver Aziator(Hon) Oliver Komi Mawunyo Aziator: Oliver, a Computer Science student in his fourth year of study will serve as the new Clerk of Parliament. As the Clerk, he would serve as the secretary to both Parliament and the Committee of Commissioners.





First Deputy Clerk of Parliament (General Services)

Abdul-Raheem Kotey Djanie(Hon) Abdul-Raheem Kotey Djanie: Abdul-Raheem is a BSc. Computer Science student, currently in Level 400. As the First Deputy Clerk of Parliament (General Services) his responsibilities would include performing day to day clerical duties in the offices of the Regent Student Union. He would also assist the Clerk in the performance of the duties of that office.




Women’s Commissioner:

Alice Afful(Hon) Alice Afful: Alice (L) is the newly-elected Women’s Commissioner. She is a Banking & Finance student in her fourth year of study. Her duties would include organizing programmes that will seek to prepare female citizens for a more responsible and responsive role in life after school. She would be deputized by (Hon) Ruth Essel (R), a Level 400 Human Development and Psychology student.




Second Deputy Clerk of Parliament (Finance and Planning):

(Hon) Lawrence Beatson: Lawrence is studying Banking & Finance with French Option and is in Level 400. He will serve as the new Deputy Clerk of Parliament (Finance and Planning) with oversight responsibility for the Finance and Planning issues of RGSU.


Deputy Clerk, PRO & Events Management:

(Hon) Israel Ofori: Israel, a BSc. Management with Computing student, currently in his fourth year of study would serve as the Deputy Clerk, PRO and Events Management. In this capacity, he would be responsible primarily for the external relations and marketing of the Regent Students’ Union to the outside as world.



*The Regent Ghana Students’ Parliament is characterized by a unique representational structure being the first ever to be adapted by any tertiary institution in the country. This system features fusion of powers, where the head of the students governing body is the same as the head of the students’ legislative body being The Executive and Parliament respectively.

*The Regent Ghana Students’ Parliament won the Youth Excellence Award for the Best SRC of the Year 2011