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Regent University Welcomes Visiting Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics

Dr. Adefemi Sunmonu

In line with Regent-Ghana’s vision of building a world class university which requires, inter alia, the recruitment of a world class international and local faculty and also ensuring technology transfer, the University is glad to welcome into its School of informatics and Engineering, Dr. Adefemi Sunmonu, as a visiting professor.

Dr. Sunmonu is currently an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the City University of New York, York College, and Prior to joining City University of New York, he was a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh where he obtained his PhD in Numerical Analysis and MSc in Computer Science.

His specializations and research interests include parallel computing and parallel algorithms, development and analysis of massively parallel numerical algorithms, monotone iterative algorithm for coupled nonlinear elliptic systems, and wavelets.

With his experience in designing information systems and computer science programs, Dr. Sunmonu will as part of his responsibilities use his professional competence to assist in improving the curriculum of the University, particularly those related to the School of Informatics and Engineering and share his expertise with faculty members through workshops and seminars. He would also teach subjects in the field of Computer Science, mathematics and other related subjects in the university.

Dr. Sunmonu has published a Differential Equation Textbook: Elementary Differential Equations, A Step-by-Step Approach” and he is currently working on another differential equation textbook which he hopes to complete during his stay at Regent-Ghana.

Elementary Differential Equations, A Step-by-Step Approach