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Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Kingsley LarbiRev. Professor Emmanuel Kingsley Larbi has recently been honored with the award of the Distinguished Citizen of Larteh. Six individuals were awarded on the day and out of the six, three received Distinguished Citizens Awards. The other three received Distinguished Friends of Larteh Awards. Among them were the former Ambassador to The Peoples Republic of China, His Excellency Ambassador Afare-Apeadu Donkor who was also recognized as a Distinguished Citizen of Larteh, while Honourable William Ofori Boafo MP, was recognized as a Distinguished Friend of Larteh. Professor Larbi’s passion for impacting deprived communities through education and the provision of other social amenities has been the golden thread of the cause that he is undoubtedly so passionate about. 

The award praises Professor Larbi as a pioneer for excellence. It also challenges and inspires others to strive for excellence to build a brighter future for Ghana.  Building a community is not an idea or a dream, but it actually requires physical work and visionary leaders. There is no challenge that is insurmountable and the commitment shown by Professor Larbi to make a difference is nothing less than commendable. By being hands on with supporting and sponsoring learners from the Larteh Community, he has made an undeniable difference in their lives and also in the lives of their families. Besides the Larteh learners, Professor Larbi’s support and sponsorship of learners extends to other communities in Ghana as well. Furthermore, Professor Larbi ensured that the Larteh Community has access to other educational resources such as a library and computer labs. These resources allow the community access to educational tools that aid the progress and development of the Community and as well as Ghana. Sharing with others has long been a benchmark for caring, and Professor Larbi is a prime example thereof, that actions indeed do speak louder than words.

Just like many communities on the African continent, the challenge and struggle for running water in the community of Larteh used to be a daily battle.  Thanks to the initiative of Professor Larbi, challenges associated with this basic necessity will soon be a thing of the past as the target of nine bore holes, the first phase of the project, will soon be commissioned.

The Regent President believes that “Every generation has the responsibility to confront its present challenges,” he says. “That it is our ability to confront our present challenges that would create for us the world that we desire to see.”

On behalf of the Larteh Community and Leadership the award was conferred on Professor Larbi by the Paramount Chief Osabarima Asiedu Okko Ababio III, Larteh Paramount Chief and the Chief of Akuapem Guan Traditional Area, on the 27th of September 2013. The presentation was done by the Eastern Regional Minister, Honorable Akuah Ntoso. On this same day the community celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Chief Osabarima Asiedu Okko Ababio III’s enstoolment.

The Professor has proven that leading by example is an ideal way to build a community as the eventual impact on the community at large is tremendous. The Larteh Chiefs and community leaders have praised and honored a beloved citizen of Larteh, not only because of the work that he has done but because he never forgot where he came from. This shows the strength of his character and also challenges us to determine how we can contribute to our local communities.