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Jude EastwoodWith each new academic year comes a breath of fresh faces from all over the world that are all eager and ready to take on the academic world and are energized to achieve their dreams. It also ushers in a new student council administration that will make it their mission to work hard for the entire student body of Regent University, but also continue to build the brand of this fine institution.

Jude Eastwood, the speaker of parliament for 2013/2014 has said that his administrations objective this year would be to “to create transparency, probity and accountability in the governance of our great institution.” The administration wants to continue to serve the student body of Regent University, just as past administrations have done and continue to create a legacy that alumni and current students alike can boast about, and one that future and prospective students will want to be part of.

He went on to explain that their mission statement is, “to build the great youths of our institution into trans-generational leaders, using and imbibing the spirit of entrepreneurship.” Entrepreneurship is a key factor to building the economy of Ghana and small beginnings should never be underestimated. With that in mind, the new administrations motto to “think big, start small” is heartening.