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School of Informatics and Engineering Organizes Career Builder Competition

 Career Builder competition

The School of Informatics and Engineering spearheaded by Prof. Adefemi Sunmonu decided to organize a career counseling session for the three programmes run by the school, that is, Computer Science, Information System Science, and Applied Electronics and System Engineering. This culminated in the organization of a competition to test the students’ acceptance and knowledge gained from the career counseling sessions. The aim of the competition was to test their Resume writing skills, cover letter writing skills, and preparedness for job market in terms of their knowledge of job requirement, available industries and interview skills.

A flyer was designed and posted on the notice boards of Roquah and Kings Campuses asking interested students to submit CV, cover letter, job description and industries of interest to Ms. Dilys Dickson in person or by mail, a two weeks deadline was given which was further extended to three weeks. After that the submitted forms were printed or photocopied and given to the four selected judges for the programme.

The judges for the competition were Prof. Adefemi Sunmonu, chosen for his experience from outside Ghana and also to test whether the students gleaned anything from the counseling sessions they had with him, the second was Mr. Justice Appiah from the human resource department of the school, the third was the head of department for Informatics, Mr. Chris Quist, and the last but not least was Mr. Ebenezer Tawiah Sowah, IT director to judge the IT competence and skills of the various students.

Students were asked to come for interview as requested for in their cover letter with the judges acting as interview panel for a company wishing to hire someone for a role. The interview was scheduled for Friday, 25th October, 2013 at the Kings campus at 10:00am. Nine students submitted their papers and were scheduled for interview but seven out of the nine attended the interview.

Students’ results from the interview and submitted forms were collated and the winner determined from the collated marks of the four judges.

At the end of the competition, Miss Carmen Rhandal Kwangbo emerged the winner with the first and second runner ups being Mr. Oluwafemi George Osazuwa and Mr. Mohammed Mustafa Umar respectively.

For the winner, her price was a laptop and a cash price of GH¢200. The first runner up received an assortment of good books and cash price of GH¢ 100, and the second runner up received an assortment of good books and cash price of GH¢50. This event has been designed to inculcate the sense of preparedness, professionalism and awareness for the job market. In future, this event will be extended to the entire Regent student body, hence deepening its competitiveness.