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Larteh Water Project Makes Great Progress

The Larteh water project is the brain child of Professor E. K. Larbi. Professor Larbi hails from Larteh where he still lives today. Larteh, like many other towns and cities in Ghana and Africa have great difficulty with accessing potable water. Due to this, Professor Larbi initiated a water project where he gathered the Chief of Larteh, the community and enlisted World Vision to do the technical assessment of the need so that the water problem in the community of Larteh can be alleviated.  The recommendation made by World Vision was that the community would need nine boreholes to serve the water needs of the community in the first phase of the project.

There is also a fresh water spring at Larteh that can be utilized. During the 1950’s it was functional but the infrastructure has since broken down. Therefore, the goal is to ensure that this natural resource of water in the town is used to its full capacity. Ensuring that this fresh water spring is functional again, will be part of the second phase of the Larteh water project.

The first phase is almost complete and already accounting for eight boreholes, thanks to Ecobank who provided two boreholes, Professor Larbi and Regent University provided one, City Light’s Chief Emmanuel Okeson provided three and Mr. Kwaku Ansa-Asare of Mount Crest University promised one.  The news of an additional ten boreholes, independent from this project, being drilled was welcomed with great joy. Another community member decided to also make her contribution and further develop the community of Larteh.

The current challenge is that only the borehole provided by the Regent University and Prof. Larbi is functioning, all the rest drilled are yet to be serviced for the water to be available to the community. Servicing the boreholes implies fixing pumps, tanks, plumbing works and providing power source for the pump. So the goal is that by the end of February 2014 more boreholes would be functioning.

This project is solely aimed improving the lives of the community, especially women and children. Culturally, is the girl child who fetches water for the family and sometimes this means that the girl child sacrifices school for this cause. By ensuring that the drills are all functional, women and children will be the primary beneficiaries, their households and the community at large.

There is a high level of optimism that this project will be a great success. Those involved are eternally grateful to the visionary leadership of Professor Larbi, Ecobank, Mr. Ansa-Asare and Mr. Okesen. The second phase of the project will commence in the near future and this part of the project is capital intensive as a total of 150,000 GHC is required and hence the community of Larteh is encouraged to get involved as there is still work to be done.