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An Award Well Deserved

Prof. Larbi receiving the award

The Community of Larteh were in celebratory mood on the 1 January 2014, not only because of the New Year but because they chose to start the year by honoring one of their beloved citizens. Professor E.K. Larbi is a known and well respected member of the community of Larteh and was honored as a distinguished citizen due to his noble commitment to the community. The award was offered to him during the occasion of the 160th Anniversary Celebration of Larteh Samuel Otu. At the Memorial Congregation on the 10th November 2013, The District Minister and the entire congregation conferred the award on Professor Larbi. The Minister intimated that the award was in recognition of his real love, immense and invaluable contribution to the success of their 100th anniversary celebration.

Even though Professor Larbi is a well known and active member of the Church of Pentecost, he never hesitates when it comes to assisting the community of Larteh or other communities in Ghana at large, even when they are from different denominations.

The citation stated that “Rev. Professor Larbi, you are a fully fledged member of the Church of Pentecost (GHANA) but you never turned your back against Samuel Otu Memorial Congregation, when you were called upon to assist. Your financial and material support to our congregation demonstrated your believe in the propagation of the Gospel.”

The award was presented to Professor Larbi by the Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev. Dr. Samuel Aryetey Nyanpong. In his glowing tribute to Professor Larbi said that “Professor Larbi, has not only given assistance to the community here in Larteh but his efforts extends and has reached other institutions throughout Ghana.”

The community leaders noted at the event that they were proud of their distinguished Citizen of Larteh because of the particular interest he has shown in the moral and material uplift of Larteh Samuel Otu Memorial Congregation.

Professor Larbi showed great humility upon acceptance and said that “if someone could lay down his life for the gospel to be heard by others in Ghana, there is no material contribution which will surpass the price paid to bring the gospel. The problem of the town is a miniature version of the type of problems Ghana face. That if everyone in sharing a little of what he/she has, a lot of needs will be met in our various communities and in Ghana as a whole.” Professor Larbi lamented that “the greatest problem of our nation is greed, where those who have are unwilling to share.”

Regent University is proud to have such a visionary leader and therefore congratulates Professor Larbi on his award and applauds him for setting such a great example.