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Regent Urges Matriculants: Change is Possible


9th Matriculation Ceremony

The dream of going to university for 400 plus students was finally sealed and confirmed today at the Regent University College of Science and Technology. Many new faces were in attendance as their eyes glittered with ambition; ready to tackle the next phase of their academic careers. For a large majority the next four years will be filled with many challenges, none that cannot be overcome with diligence and commitment. The gift of education is something cherished and should be handled as such. There are many people throughout Africa and the world for that matter, who do not have access to this prestigious privilege. The beauty of education is that even when you are old and grey with Alzheimer's, there is no one that can take that achievement away from you.

The entire Regent Family and some family members of students were there to witness the Class of 2013/2014 as they took their matriculation oath. Professor Larbi, President of Regent University College offered an awe inspiring speech where he challenged students to take this opportunity and make great use of it. He said that the students of Regent University College “have the potential to overcome the current challenges they face in their surroundings and become great leaders. You can overcome any of the stereotypical African characteristics like tardiness and become the best leaders and innovators the world has seen.” He went on to say that “we have the divine God-given capacity to overcome negative realities and bring about change.”

Students have so many dreams of being the next influential entrepreneurs in Africa and even make a global impact. Securing a good foundation in terms of education will definitely give them the competitive advantage needed. Jude Eastwood, the current Speaker of Parliament said that “he is excited about the new students that have joined the Regent Family. I have already interacted with a number of students and I am encouraged by their energy and eagerness. I know that Regent University College will continue to do well because the student body is solidly behind it.”

‘Change is possible’, is the phrase that was reiterated throughout the ceremony. The transformation of the mind, a positive change of attitude and a relentless determination to commit to success is the only way students can become transformational leaders of society.

To the Class of 2013/2014, welcome to Regent University College of Science and Technology, make great use of this opportunity to be part of this dynamic institution. Awkaaba!