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Regent Alumnus Attends Euro-Africa Youth Parliament

Benjamin K. N. LarbiBenjamin K.N. Larbi, a technical assistant at the University, has been selected by the Africa Regional Coordinating Office of the Euro-Africa Youth Parliament (EAYP) as a committee member for the first EAYP conference.

The Euro-Africa Youth Parliament, scheduled to take place from 27 March – 4th April 2014, in Berlin, Germany, will bring together about 100 young delegates from Africa and Europe to discuss social, political and economic topics of global relevance and the future of Euro-African relations.

The event is organized by the International Office of the European Youth Parliament and the Youth Bridge Foundation, organizers of the annual African Youth and Governance Conference (AYGC), Accra, Ghana.

Ben’s selection to the 32-member African committee will see him working closely with other members from both Africa and Europe to ensure effective debates from the African team during the Euro-Africa Youth Parliament. Ben’s trip is sponsored by the German Government/GIZ. 

The selection of committee members was done through a competitive application process, which saw less than 20% of overall applicants being selected, according to the Africa Regional Coordinating Office of the EAYP.

Commenting on his selection, Ben, who is also an alumnus of Regent University, said, “I view this as a great opportunity to share ideas and network with young leaders from across Africa and Europe. I am also thrilled at the opportunity to further raise the visibility of the University through my participation in EAYP 2014.”

He added, “Youth Bridge Foundation has over the years built a solid reputation in the area of youth-development through its numerous youth-oriented initiatives. My participation in last year’s African Youth and Governance Conference, organized by Youth Bridge Foundation, changed my outlook on youth leadership. Because of this, I have high expectations for the first ever EAYP. I’m thankful to the foundation, its partners and sponsors for creating this trans-continental platform which will help in nurturing the next generation of politically aware and socially conscious leaders”

The Regent-Ghana community congratulates Ben, and wishes him a safe trip!

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