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Section 4: Infrastructural Development and Other Initiatives

Construction of the Main Regent Campus

By God’s Grace, we are pleased to report that the Univesity, hitherto a composite of the satellite campuses, has merged at the University’s permanent campus – a 5.8 acre plot – at McCarthy Hill. The old mansion on the plot has been extensively revamped and serving as Lecture rooms, Library and Administrative offices, in the interim.


The University is now pushing for the completion of the following projects which are at advanced stages of development:

  1. The Academic block of over 60 lecture halls, 8 lecture theatres, laboratories and offices;
  2. The Multi-purpose building of examination halls and offices;
  3. The Gate house and front fence with stone pitching, and a main vehicular access to link up the buildings.

These projects which are expected to be completed by September 2015, represent the first phase of the development, and are slated for commissioning in October to coincide with the commencement of the 2015/2016 Academic Year. The formal commissioning would however be done in November.

Other projects that are at the foundation stages are the 1000-bed sitter Students’ Hostel and an Auditorium Complex projected for completion in 10 months. Two other major buildings, the Learning Resource Center and Games/Sports Complex, are yet to be awarded on contract for development.

When all the buildings together with infrastructural services are completed, we anticipate that the University community population would be around five thousand (5000).


Online Application Form and Payment System

Regent University College, during the 2014/2015 academic year, introduced an online application form and payment system (RUPay). This system simplifies the application process and enables prospective students and their guardians from any part of the world to start the application process without having to be physically present in Ghana. Students fill the forms online and make payment by either VISA or MasterCard. The payment hits the Regent Account immediately it is done.


The Mathematics Learning Center

The Mathematic Learning Center (MLC), since its commencement a year ago, has strictly adhered to its mission of assisting students in developing their knowledge base, skills and strategies to help them to become confident, independent, and active learners in Mathematics. So far, the MLC is developing and maintaining effective and high quality mathematics learning by:

  1. creating a welcoming, safe and conducive environment where all can learn,
  2. encouraging a variety of learning strategies,
  3. elevating the confidence of the students in learning mathematics,
  4.  liaising with faculty and staff to meet the needs of the students with challenges in the mathematics related courses.

Remarkably, the MLC has been able to meet the request of all the students who have come in for assistance.  The Center has helped most students of the institution especially the level 100 students of both SBL and SIET.

In addition to the lecturers who are teaching the courses in which assistance is provided, students who have excellent grades in mathematics are recruited as maths tutors to increase the student to tutor ratio so that students always get the most appropriate assistance. The institution appreciates the immense contribution of Mr. Daniel Dake and Mr. Umaru Mohammed Yussif who actively worked as students’ tutors during the year and would be graduating this year.