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Prof. Larbi Receives an Award at the 14th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana

Rev. Prof. E. Kingsley Larbi receiving the award

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rt Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey, on Saturday, August 16th, 2014, conferred an award on Prof. E.K. Larbi for his extraordinary contribution to the development of society.

They recognized that he has played many important roles in the development of the Presbyterian Senior High Technical School, Larteh and for supporting the Samuel Otoo Congregation, of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Larteh and the Junior High School students at the Chenku Larbi in the Suhum Kraboa Coaltar District.

According to the Presby Church, Rev. Prof. Larbi refurbished the computer laboratory, of the Presbyterian senior High Technical School, Larteh, provided computer labs, air conditioners, internet services and also instituted scholarship awards for brilliant but needy students to enable them complete the school and enter Regent University College from the Senior High School.

They also recognized that Prof. Larbi provided accommodation with generator set to facilitate the conduct of evening and holiday classes for all junior high school students in the Chenku Larbi village. He also recruited teachers from Regent University College to teach at the Chenku Larbi village.

Remarkably, Regent bore the cost of labor and materials to put up the walls of Samuel Otoo Congregation in Larteh during the celebration of the churche’s 160th anniversary. He also provided potable water for the same community. The church was full of praise for his exemplary contribution to the betterment of the lot of society, particularly, the inhabitants of Larteh and Chenku Larbi.

Prof. Larbi was congratulated and assured that his labor will not be in vain.

In his acceptance speech, Prof. Larbi expressed his profound gratitude for the honour done him and the other awardees. He said the Presby is the church that has given hope to many. Therefore, he admonished that everyone would have to continue to support this great church, pray for them, and its leadership so that the church will grow from grace to grace and glory.