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Nigerian Students’ Association (Regent-Ghana Chapter) Celebrates 54th Independence day

Nigerian Independence

On the 1st of October, 2014, the Regent-Ghana chapter of the Nigerian Students’ Association held an Independence Day celebration for its members.

It was a time of bonding, fun and laughter, as patriotic members of the Nigerian community at Regent-Ghana came together to commemorate their Fatherland’s 54th Independence Day celebration.  Nigeria, which is Africa’s most populous country, gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1960.

"This was the day our forefathers died for our freedom, a day that brings joy to everyone, our independence day" Lucy Ukwa, an Economics with Computing student shared.

The City campus venue for the event was filled to capacity with proud Nigerian students who eagerly joined in the celebrations. Students flaunted their distinctive green and white coloured t-shirts, colours representing the Nigerian national flag.

As part of the celebrations, poems were recited, as well as a speech delivered by Mrs. Blessing Gbandeh-Mitta, patron of the chapter. In her speech, Mrs. Gbandeh-Mitta charged the students to be excellent respresentatives of their country. The students were also reminded of the need to reignite a sense of patriotism among themselves.

A symbolic independence day cake was shared, after which group photos and "selfies" were taken.

"We shared jokes, told stories, and in the end it didn’t seem like we were away from home" said Lucy Ukwa. "Even though we were on foreign ground, it felt like home".

"The event was really exciting. There was this joyful feeling in the atmosphere that was inevitable and it made me even happier to be a part of the celebration", Lucy added.

Moses Ikomi, chapter Director of Programmes had this to say, "Independence day to me isn't just a day recorded in the history books - it's today, it's tomorrow, it's everyday. Now we can and must maximize the freedom which our fore-fathers fought for".

The Regent-Ghana community wishes its Nigerian community a Happy independence!