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Regent-Ghana Participates in Africa Student Recruitment Conference 2014 in Wembley, London

Dr. Appianda Arthur, speaking on: Capturing The Dynamism of Education Partnership

The Director of External Academic Linkages, Dr. Appianda Arthur and the Registrar, Ms. Nancy Ansah, recently served as resource persons at the Africa Student Recruitment Conference 2014 which took place from October 15-16, 2014 in Wembley, London.

The conference was held under the theme, "360 Degree Change in Traditional Student Recruitment-Africa in focus".  Over 50 Higher education sector leaders from around the world came together to reflect on changes and emerging trends occurring in the African international students recruitment market. Participants comprised of Directors of Admissions Office of Universities, Foreign Student Officers of various universities, International Market Managers, Education Consultants and other players in the education sector.

Representatives of universities were drawn from countries such as Cameroon, Canada, Dubai, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Switzerland, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom and the United States.

The conference was opened with an address by Mr. Matthew Hornshaw, Managing Director of MGH Educonsult Limited, a UK-based educational consultancy and sponsor of the conference. In his opening address, Mr. Hornshaw gave an overview and history of the Africa Student Recruitment Conference and outlined some of the current global trends, threats and opportunities in the Higher Education sector with specific reference to the African education market.

Other conference speakers included Professor Julius Okjie, Executive Secretary of the Nigerian National Universities Commission, Her Excellency Margaret Lesuuda, the Education Counselor of the Kenyan High Commission accredited to the United Kingdom, Dr. Appianda Arthur, Director, External Academic Linkages, Regent University, Ghana, Mr. German Fernardaz, Global Head of the Hult International Business School, Dr. Raj Gill, COO Edulink Consultants, Dubai, and others.

Resource personnel and participants

Some of the topics discussed during the conference were: partnership opportunities, cultural awareness, building an in-country presence, building a global institution, and capturing the dynamism of education partnership.

Capturing the Dynamism of Educational Partnership- Dr. Appianda Arthur

Addressing the participants on the topic "Capturing The Dynamism of Education Partnership", Dr. Arthur stated "Academic partnership should be developed on a foundation of joint ownership, equality of power, democratic participation, transparency in financial arrangements, reciprocity and shared responsibility. This is the time to end some of the more unilateral modes of international academic linkages that perhaps were more relevant to the assumptions of past periods".

He continued: "True academic partnership should result in  the extension of the frontiers of knowledge, shared expertise and technology transfer, for the world needs strong African universities and research institutions to attend to the pressing indigenous problems of education, poverty, disease, governance and conflict to address issues on the continent with African and global knowledge".

Panel Discussions

Ms Nancy Ansah was among a panel of experts, who discussed issues pertaining to the success and challenges of university partnerships. In her contribution she spoke passionately about Regent University College of Science and Technology, its ranking, distinctiveness and openness to welcoming various universities that are ready for genuine partnership. She also shared light on the University’s main campus development.

The conference was well attended and highly informative. The possibility of establishing institutional linkages between Regent and various universities was explored. Regent-Ghana’s participation in the conference increased the institution’s visibility and brand awareness.

The Regent community congratulates Ms. Nancy Ansah and Dr. Appianda Arthur, for representing the institution at this international conference. Welcome back home!