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The Gideons International Team Visits Regent

The weekly chapel service held at the City Campus took on a new dimension on Thursday, November, 6, 2014, when a team from The Gideons International, an Association of Christian business and professional men, joined the Regent community for worship.

After a time of heartfelt singing and dancing, prayers were offered to thank God for His blessings, divine provision, and protection.

Shortly afterwards, Dr. Appianda Arthur shared a brief testimony of how at the peak of his successful political career, he ended up being imprisoned, when the government in which he was serving was overthrown through a military coup. He opened up about how stumbling upon a bible placed in the prison cell by The Gideons International, and reading its passages transformed his thinking and filled him with hope for the future. He said he soon afterwards accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal saviour while in incarceration. He testified of how he was later released from prison, and went on to serve in various leadership roles with international organizations including Prison Fellowship International USA, where he served as the Africa Regional Director. 

In introducing the speaker for the service, the President and Founder, Prof. E.K. Larbi, shared insights about the transformational and everlasting nature of the Word of God. He also paid tribute to the staff and team at The Gideons International for their commitment to advancing the kingdom of God.

The guest speaker for the service was Engineer Greg Combs from The Gideons International. Ing. Combs shared various inspiring stories of how people had their lives turn around after coming across a bible from the The Gideons International and devoting themselves to studying it. He threw more light on the activities of the Association, saying it consisted of Christian business men and professionals committed to witnessing to other’s about Jesus Christ. He spoke about how the Association currently had bibles published in about 99 languages in circulation around the world. He also shared the association's short-term goal of distributing 500,000 copies of the bible in the city of Accra.

Engineer Greg stressed on the importance of living with a long-term perspective. "You'll never know when you'll be called home. Tomorrow is not promised. Make the most of today".

He spoke about God's love for mankind, and shared about how accepting Jesus Christ into one's heart was the only route to heaven and eternal life after death.

Shortly after his message, a presentation was made to the President and Founder of the institution on behalf of The Gideons International for providing the Association with a platform to share the message of Christ with the University community. The President and Founder was also commended for leading the student body in both their academic and prayer lives.

On behalf of the management, staff and students at Regent, a presentation was also made to The Gideons International.

The Gideons International, founded in 1899, is an Association of Christian business and professional men and their wives dedicated to telling people about Jesus through sharing personally and by providing Bibles and New Testaments. Known worldwide for their work with hotels; The Gideons International predominantly shares Scriptures in schools and colleges, prisons and jails, hospitals, and medical offices. To date, 1.9 billion Scriptures have been shared by the Association.