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The Regent Business Club held its first entrepreneurship forum on the 27th of November 2014, at the City Campus Multi-purpose Hall.

The programme's speakers were experienced entrepreneurs and business executives from corporate Ghana. The choice of venue for the forum was perfect and the main goal of igniting the entrepreneurial spirit within students was achieved.

In all, four speakers delivered inspiring presentations to a cross-section of Regent students from various disciplines. The speakers were: Mrs. Shirley Acquaah-Harrison (Director of Marketing at Graphic Communications Group Ltd), Mrs. Sheila Bartels-Sam (CEO of Incharge GH), Dr. Jeff Bassey (Executive Director of Graduate Training Institute), and Mr. Samuel Jonathan (CEO of Lord and Samuel).

The first speaker was Mrs. Harrison from Graphic. Drawing from her wealth of experience in marketing, she emphasized the importance of marketing in entrepreneurship, stressing that in order to be a successful entrepreneur one had to possess good marketing skills. She highlighted on the 6 P’s in marketing, sharing practical marketing-related scenarios she had encountered working for multinational corporations such as Unilever.

The second presenter, Mrs. Sheila Bartels-Sam followed with a brief talk on "how to look for opportunities in problems that you can solve'. She cautioned students against waiting for perfect case scenarios before acting on business ideas, stating that such perfect conditions were rare in the real world.

 "What separates a successful entrepreneur from an ordinary one is how they interpret and process circumstances", she said.

Dr. Jeff Bassey was next in line to share inspiring entrepreneurship insights with the Regent community on Entrepreneurship. He encouraged students and young people to detach themselves from negative stereotypes about the youth and have even higher expectations for their lives.

The last but not the least to speak was Mr. Samuel Jonathan, founder of Lord and Samuel Group. He challenged participants to aspire towards excellence in life and commit to reaching their full potential. "If better is possible, then good is not enough", he said.

"The forum was indeed a successful one", said Gideon Manu Tay, President of the Regent Business Club. "It is our hope that organizing programmes like this would inspire students to pursue entrepreneurial career paths".

The Regent Business Club is an initiative of the Regent School of Business and Leadership. The club seeks to help students unearth their leadership and entrepreneurial potential to become important players in business and their communities.