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Machine Learning Applications in Medicine

Prof Dr. Bekir Karlik

Regent University College of Science and Technology hosted a workshop on “Machine Learning Applications in Medicine”, at its McCarthy Hill Campus on April 7, 2015. The workshop was led by Prof. Dr. Bekir Karlik, of Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey.

In his presentation, Prof. Karlik discussed the importance of Machine Learning and its essential role in the medical imaging field, including computer-aided diagnosis, image segmentation, image registration, image fusion, image-guided therapy, image annotation and image database retrieval.

The workshop focused on major trends and challenges in this area, and its potential in identifying new cutting-edge techniques and their use in medical imaging in Ghana and the world.

A Professor of Computer Science, with over twenty years of research experience and many publications, Prof. Dr. Bekir Karlik received his BS, MS, and PhD degrees from Yildiz Technical University. He has been working as a Professor at the Department of Computer Engineering at Mevlana University in Konya, Turkey. His research interests include artificial intelligence, artificial neural networks, machine learning, pattern recognition, computer vision, biometric recognition, biomedical signal & image processing, and telemedicine just to name a few.

Professor Karlik has published over 200 journals/papers in many well-known international journals and proceedings of refereed conference since 1991, and many among these papers have been indexed by EI and SCI. He also served as an Editor-in-Chief for the Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems jounal.

Commenting on the presentation by Prof. Dr. Karlik, the Founder And President of Regent University College of Science And technology, Rev. Prof. E. K. Larbi, indicated that "the University is proud to partner with academic and other collaborators to help realize sustainable solutions to real-world challenges and our goal as an institution is to help advance scientific research within the broad field of machine learning in medical imaging."

Regent University College of Science And Technology looks forward to such collaborations in the immediate future.

Download a copy of Prof. Dr. Bekir Karlik's presentation here.