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Lucy Ukwa Selected To Participate in Study Semester at Umwelt Campus Birkenfeld

Lucy Ukwa, a second year Economics with Computing student at Regent University has been selected to participate in this year’s Study Semester in Principles of Sustainable Business at Trier University of Applied Sciences, Environmental Campus Birkenfeld (Umwelt Campus Birkenfeld), Germany.

So far, over 100 participants from across the world have taken part in the Study Semester. In six modules per semester, students will explore topics like renewable energy, life cycle analysis and climate change together with the fundamentals of sustainable business management. In addition, students get the opportunity to learn aspects of German language and culture. The Study semester is available in both the winter semester (October - January) and in the summer semester (April - July), either as a one-semester or as a two-semester program (full academic year).

Prospective participants are required to submit an application for a place on the programme, after which applications are screened by a selection committee. 

Lucy, who would be taking part in the winter semester, would be the third student from Regent participating in the study semester. 

"I am happy for the opportunity given to me and I hope to gain a lot from the programme", says Lucy. 

This year's Study Semester would be preceded by four days of workshops including sports, culture or creativity. Additionally, there would be a number of informational events held as well as the presentation of current research projects presentations in the run-up to the programme. 

We wish Lucy all the best in her studies!