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Members of the Class of 2015 were treated to inspiration, insights and humour, during this year’s graduation ceremony held at the Accra International Conference Centre. 

The keynote speaker was Ms. Eva Lokko, founder and CEO of Totally Youth, and a former Director of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.

Ms. Lokko began her address by reminding the graduating class to value the relationships formed during their time at Regent. She stressed that despite the fact that they were graduating; members of the graduating class should endeavour to keep the lines of communication open, reaching out to each other for support. She went on to encourage graduands to strive to change the status quo and pick up from where the previous generation left off. 

“You’ve inherited something that is not as good as it should be. But should you live with it?...Don’t let your inheritance dictate your future. There is so much in you." She further added that everyone had unique talents that need to be deployed. “God gave each and everyone at least one talent…You are supposed to use it. When you go to University you are just enhancing your talent to a level that would make it useful in the world” 

Cautioning members of the Class of 2015 against unreasonably high expectations, Ms. Lokko, who is a Satellite Communication Engineer by profession, urged graduands to embrace learning opportunities of all kinds in the world of work. “We have fewer and fewer job vacancies. There is enough to learn in any job. It doesn’t matter how small the organisation is.” 

She praised the University for its emphasis on spiritual development. She challenged graduands to put to practice the spiritual truths, ethics, and sense of morality they’ve learnt in day to day life. 

"There will be temptations. Don’t be misled. The worse punishment in the world is what is meted out to you by your own conscience. Be strong. Don’t be lured into situations that will ruin your future"


Profile of Key Note Speaker: 

Ms Lokko is a Satellite Communication Engineer and Intelligent Management Systems Analyst by profession. She holds a MSc. degree in Intelligent Management Systems Analysis and Design from London South Bank University— and MSc. Satellite Communication Engineering from Leningrad Bonch-Bruyevich electrical Engineering Institute of Communications. 

Ms. Lokko is a trailblazer in Satellite Communications. She was the first Satellite Communication Engineer in Ghana, the first female Engineer in GBC, and the only female Director-General of GBC, since its inception. Again, she was the only female member of Ghana’s first ICT policy drafting team and was the Vice-Presidential candidate for the Progressive People’s Party in the 2012 elections. 

For 13 years she served within the UN system. As a Regional Program Coordinator for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), she championed the UNDP’s first government cost-shared ICT program- the Internet Initiative for Africa (IIA). During her tenure of office, she also led and deployed the ICT infrastructure and systems for 10 African countries; initiated and managed the UNDP’s first private sector cost-shared ICT partnership and designed and implemented UNDP’s first Mobile Tele-Centre To-Go project. Ms. Lokko was President of the UN Federation of International Civil Servants Association and the Chairperson of the UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS Staff Council. 

She is the Founder and CEO of Totally Youth, an NGO designed to support unemployed graduates. 

Ms. Eva Lokko currently serves as a member of the Regent University Council.