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Regent University College Organises Technology Fair

A sorting robot exhibited by Labone Senior High at the Fair

Regent University College of Science and Technology in collaboration with Dr David Padi (PhD), Strategic Officer,  Geospatial, Information and Telecommunications Technologies at the United Nations, organised a Science and Technology Fair on the 10th of June, 2015. The fair, which sought to provide a platform for the promotion of science and technology education among Senior High/Technical School students in Ghana, was highly successful.

The initiative was to allow students with an interest in ICT, Science and Mathematics to demonstrate their creativity. It aimed also at motivating and helping students discover their talents in the fields of ICT, Science and Mathematics, and providing an opportunity for networking among local High School students and their peers in ICT, Science, Mathematics and Engineering.

Though thirteen Senior High Schools were invited, only three participated. These were Labone Senior High School, Holy Trinity Cathedral Senior High School, and Accra Academy Senior High School, all in Accra.

After a brief introduction by the Registrar of Regent University College, and some encouragement by the Marketing department for the students to enrol in Regent University College for their university education, the programme got underway. The schools spent between 20 and 40 minutes each to showcase and explain their technological innovations.

Accra Academy was the first to exhibit. They presented a game programme called SUNU THE JUMPER. The programme shows a man crushing walls in a consistent and focused manner. According to the school, the game aims to encourage students to be consistent, focused, and determined to surmount problems they encounter in their education and career.

Next to exhibit was Holy Trinity. They showed a miniature car from which passengers get ejected out of the car with their seats when the car encounters force through an accident, at the front or rear of the car. The presenters said their aim was to contribute to life-saving technology in cars.

Lastly, Labone Senior High School exhibited a product sorting machine that can be employed in production lines. They demonstrated how the machine is able to sort out different goods produced in a factory, based on some defined characteristics of the products. The aim for this innovation, they explained, was to help make factory production, especially sorting and packaging of finished products, more efficient in the factory production line.

The five judges of the exhibitions scored Labone Senior High the first in the competition, followed by Accra Academy, and Holy Trinity the third.

Each school received a set of books, a laptop, sanitary products (dust bins), and cash as prizes from the sponsors.

In closing the Fair, concluding remarks were passed by Dr. David Padi of the United Nations. He noted that science and technology are the instruments for any career now and the means to effect change in society as leaders. He encouraged the students to take seriously the acquisition of ICT knowledge. The Fair, Dr. David Padi hopes, will be institutionalised and made a yearly programme.

On behalf of the President of Regent University College and the entire staff, Dr. Peter Narh gave the closing vote of thanks.