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Regent Holds First off-Campus Staff Empowerment Summit

Participants in a group photo during tour of facility

From the 24th to the 26th of August, Management and Staff of the University took part in an intensive 3-day spiritual empowerment summit at the Patmos Retreat Centre, in the Eastern Region of Ghana.  

The off-campus staff summit, the first of its kind to be organized in the University's history, was held under the theme: "Grace for Growth and Expansion in the Promised land". 

From intense corporate prayers on behalf of the entire University community, to inspiring and enlightening teaching sessions, participants were presented with an array of opportunities to develop their spiritual lives and be empowered to bring about transformation within their respective spheres of influence.

In a brief and impassioned exhortatory message during the first session of the summit; Regent's President and Founder, Rev. Prof. Kingsley Larbi reminded participants that every human being had a unique prophetic destiny to fulfill. He however noted with regret that although everyone had a unique calling, many people live and die without pursuing and fulfilling their individual callings to the fullest. 

He therefore challenged participants to be resolute in maximizing their God-given potential. Drawing from various biblical and contemporary examples, Prof. Larbi, also stressed that irrespective of a person or organization’s current station in life; transformation was possible through determination. 


Mountaintop experience:  

During the summit, a number of teaching sessions were also held through the power of technology. Topics such as organizational and personal growth as well as resource maximization were treated. Recorded messages delivered by Dr. David Oyedepo, Chancellor of Covenant University in Nigeria were also beamed. 

The University's dynamic Praise and Worship Team delivered heart pounding and powerful music ministrations throughout the summit, as always.

The Chaplaincy department led the intercessory prayer sessions. 

All the participants were positively impacted by the ministration of Rev. E. Agyei, Head Pastor of Gospel Star Chapel who ministered in two separate sessions during the summit. 

Participants were also taken on a guided tour of the expansive Patmos Retreat Centre facility. The centre, set on top of the Akropong Mountains, comprises of resplendent botanical gardens, prayer rooms, a chapel, cafeteria and residential facility available for use at no charge. The Centre, was named after Patmos island where John the beloved, was confined in Prison. According to historical records, it was at Patmos island that John received divine inspiration to author the book of Revelation. 

In the final session of the summit, Dr. Abboah Offei, founder of the Patmos Retreat Centre, delivered a thought-provoking message.

The Ghanaian Horticulturist, charged the University community to strive towards impacting communities, countries and continents. In his talk, interspersed with various statistics; he expressed regret about some of the paradoxes that he said existed in Africa. 

"Africa is the second largest continent. What is our stake as Africans? What is our influence?" he asked. 

Dr. Offei wandered why Africa, a continent with the largest amount of the world’s arable land, still imported most of its agricultural products. He emphasized the need for Africans to properly harness the power and resources available in the African continent. 


The Climax:

The summit was climaxed with a special impartation session. 

At the end of the summit, participants used words such as "awesome", "empowering" "powerful" to describe the experience during the programme. Indeed, Management and Staff who signed up for the summit, enjoyed good fellowship, in the presence of God. 

"The environment was very conducive for prayers and reflection", says Barbara Opoku, an accounting assistant at Regent. "The teaching sessions and messages were also very inspiring. I feel motivated to work harder", she added.

As a distinctive African University, which prides itself in its Christian roots; we look forward to working hand in hand together as a community to drive the University into its next phase of growth and development, with God’s help!