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Life After Regent: Alumni Share Experiences

(L-R) Kweku Otchere, Rudolf Akrong, Marian Sackeyfio, Chichi Anuforo, Daniel Tetteh (Alumni Coordinator)

On the 25th of September, 2015, the maiden edition of the SIET Alumni Homecoming event took place at the McCarthy Hill Campus.

The programme provided a rare opportunity for alumni of the Regent School of Informatics, Engineering and Technology (SIET) to share ideas and experiences with current students of the school. The theme for the event was: "The Regent Experience and the Job Market".

Alumni who spoke at the event included Marian Naa Borley Sackeyfio (Class of 2012, Head, Pseudo Retail, Esich Life Assurance), Chichi Abena Anuforo (Class of 2012, Software Engineer, CDH Financial holdings), Rudolf Akrong (Class of 2011, Chief Technical Information Officer, TxT Group of Companies), Kweku Otchere (Class of 2012, Lead Programmer, Script House Ltd) and Emmanuel Kwame Aware (Class of 2014, Service Engineer, Mantrac Ghana Limited).

Alumni speakers each took turns to share personal experiences from their time as students at Regent. They also shared real life experiences and lessons learnt from the world of work.

Rudolf Akrong

Rudolf Akrong, who was the first to speak, reminded students that acquiring knowledge was a means to an end and not an end in itself. Stressing on how interconnected and interdependent the world is, Rudolf urged students to use their expertise to make the world a better place: "Your expertise is to enable you solve other people’s problems. Doing this brings fulfillment", he said.

"Your expertise is to enable you solve other people’s problems. Doing this brings fulfillment"-Rudolf Akrong

Sharing tips on how students can make the most out of their education at Regent, Rudolf Akrong encouraged current students to actively participate in extra-curricular activities while in the university. "Get involved in your societies. It will help you build skills in oral and written communication, emotional intelligence, teamwork and problem solving”, Rudolf said. 

The Chief Technical Information Officer also emphasized on the need to understand how acquired knowledge can be applied in the real world. He commended Regent for its industrially-relevant programmes: "Regent has been able to structure course content to be relevant to the times we live in. I still have my school notes".

"Regent has been able to structure course content to be relevant to the times we live in. I still have my school notes" – Rudolf Akrong

Rudolf ended his presentation by sharing some words of wisdom drawn from his experience as a former student activist, and now, senior management official:

  • Take good care of your health.
  • Manage your time by balancing work with pleasure.
  • Be humble. Before a great fall, comes pride.
  • Respect the rules of the school. If there is anything you don’t agree with, negotiate with management or the school leadership.
  • Study beyond your course outline.
  • Respect your lecturers. Build good relationships with them. Show gratitude.
  • Take time to help your colleagues who are struggling in a course. As you teach, you understand a subject better.
  • Work as a team.
  • Find mentors who are practicing what you are learning.
  • Seek internship opportunities.
  • Stay engaged in your hobbies.


Kweku Otchere, '12

From Entrepreneur to Intrapreneur:

-Kweku Otchere ’12, Lead Programmer, Script House Ltd

Kweku Otchere, who graduated with a BSc. in Computer Science from Regent, recounted his experiences as a student leader and young entrepreneur, in constant pursuit of significance. Although he studied Computer Science, Kweku shared with participants how he learnt the principles of business management, by taking part in the entrepreneurship course, a mandatory course in the Computer Science degree programme. According to him, the knowledge he acquired, and the passion he had to make a difference, led him to establish a number of ventures, including a student-run newspaper while at Regent.

He urged students to create their own opportunities instead of waiting for opportunities to come their way, especially in the world of work. “Create your own opportunities to prove your worth”, he said.

Kweku also encouraged students to be proactive and join associations that would allow them to network with other professionals after graduation. This he said would help improve the quality of contributions at the workplace.


Emmanuel Kwame Aware, '14

Service Leadership:

Emmanuel Kwame Aware ‘14, Service Engineer, Mantrac Ghana Limited

Emmanuel encouraged students to pay the necessary price to make their dreams come true. The ability to apply acquired knowledge in solving organizational problems, according to him, is what distinguished people at the workplace. Emmanuel charged students to be customer-focused, when offering their personal services. Emmanuel earned a B.Eng. in Applied Electronics and Systems Engineering (Instrumentation Engineering option) from Regent.


Marian Naa Borley Sackeyfio, '12

Navigating through Life’s Journey

-Marian Naa Borley Sackeyfio ’12, Head, Pseudo Retail, Esich Life Assurance

Marian spoke on the need to develop long and short term plans while in school. Plans, she said, could be revised when the need arises. She advised students to prepare for the future, while appreciating the progress made at every juncture.

Marian also shared examples of ways in which her education at Regent prepared her for the world of work. 

“At Regent, we worked in groups, after which we delivered presentations. Now, I am paid to deliver presentations”, she said.

Marian underscored the importance of connecting with people, stating that relationships made it possible to provide and receive value. “Your network starts in school”, she asserted.

"At Regent, we worked in groups, after which we delivered presentations. Now, I am paid to deliver presentations" – Marian Naa Borley Sackeyfio


Chichi Anuforo, '12

Shining at the Workplace:

Chichi Anuforo ‘12, Software Engineer, CDH Financial Holdings

Last to speak was Chichi Anuforo, a software engineer with CDH Financial Holdings. At CDH Financial Holdings, Chichi together with a team develops software that is used by her organization, as well as tailor-made software solutions for clients in various industries.

Sharing lessons she had learnt in the corporate world, she advised students to live purpose-driven lives, and strive towards being excellent at work.

“Where ever you go make a name for yourself. Leave something there that they will remember you for”, she said.

“Regent is the place to be. You learn moral values. Lecturers are available and willing to help”, she added.

“Wherever you go make a name for yourself. Leave something there that they will remember you for” – Chichi Anuforo

Sharing his impressions about the programme, Mr. Chris Quist, the Deputy Head of the Department of Informatics expressed satisfaction at the high turnout for the event: “It was very successful and well patronized. Both students and lecturers who attended the event were fulfilled” he said. “Students are clamoring for another homecoming event and alumni are also asking for the opportunity to come and speak with the students”, he added.

The Alumni Homecoming event was organized by the Regent School of Informatics, Engineering and Technology. The event will be held every semester with different alumni coming to speak with students.