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"Love is not a feeling, love is a decision" - Rev. Catherine Onwioduokit

Rev. Catherine Onwioduokit, Founding President of Family Renaissance International (FRI)

29-10-2015: The Regent community had the pleasure of hosting Rev. Mrs. Catherine Onwioduokit, a leading expert on relationship, marriage, and personal development issues during the University’s weekly Chapel service held last Thursday at the McCarthy Hill campus. 


Rev. Onwioduokit is the Founding President of Family Renaissance International (formerly known as Women in the Gap International). While at Regent she spoke on a wide range of issues relating to marriage and relationships, including, choosing a life partner and dating the Christian way. 


In her brief talk entitled, “Ungodly relationships”, Rev. Onwioduokit admonished students to live exemplary lives that inculcate the teachings of Christ. Reading from 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8 and Ephesians 2:1, she cautioned students against making relationship decisions based on fleeting desires such as lust. “Love is not a feeling. Love is a decision. Love is a choice”, she stressed. 


Rev. Onwioduokit, affectionately known as Mama Cathy, drew attention to the need for relationships and marriages to be built on the right foundation in order to stand the test of time. She urged students and staff to strive towards building godly relationships, which are relationships with Christ and His teachings as the foundation. Drawing from her life experiences, she shared about her struggles as a poor child and her decision to pursue abstinence until marriage.


She emphasized on the need for Christians to pray and seek God’s guidance before entering into relationships or choosing marriage partners.


Acknowledging the challenges associated with University life, Mama Cathy urged Christians to live lives of excellence and integrity that draw people to the Christian faith, rather than living double lives. “God knows what you do when the lights are out”, she said. 


She cautioned married people against developing inappropriate emotional intimacy with people other than their spouses. She described the situation in which partners confide and share more secrets with people than their spouses as an attribute of emotional affairs. In her characteristically blunt style, Mama Cathy, urged married couples to be faithful to each other: "No excuse justifies a married person sleeping around. If you have a marriage that has problems, seek counsel”.


For those hoping to get married in the future, she stressed on the importance of investing in self-development: "Nobody wants to marry a liability. When you become an asset people will queue up”.  


"Nobody wants to marry a liability. When you become an asset people will queue up”.  


She ended her talk on an inspirational note, by enjoining members of the Regent community to make an impact globally. She reminded the community that each person would render an account to God of how they spent their lives. 


“The talk was practical and real”, said Emmanuel Adam Ekuban, a third year Accounting with Information Systems student. "It's exactly what young people need to hear”.


"Listening to Mama Carthy share her real life experiences about what she went through before getting to where she is now was inspiring", said Charlotte Atteh, an Administrative Assistant at the University.


Rev. Mrs. Cathy Onwioduokit hosts the Echoes of Hope Radio broadcast which airs in Ghana on Sunny 88.7 FM every Sunday from 9-11pm GMT.