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Mr. Henry Quarshie and Mr. Ebenezer Sowah Attend e-Learning Conference


Mr. Henry O. Quarshie, Director, Communication and Strategic Marketing and Mr. Ebenezer T. Sowah, Director, Information Technology Department, both participated in the 21st Global, Cross-Sector Conference on Technology Supported Learning and Training in Berlin, Germany.

The 3-day conference, which took place from 2nd to 4th December 2015 was attended by about 2000 participants from 90 different countries.

The theme of the conference was “Shaping the future of learning”. It sought to identify how people, organisation, institutions, and societies can make technology and knowledge work together to accelerate the shift to a new age of opportunity.

Among the topics discussed during the sessions were: m-Learning for education, e-Design learning for change and framing ICT competences of teachers in higher education.

The conference comprised of pre-conference e-learning workshops, plenary sessions in which experts shared perspectives on issues facing technology and protection in the age of data.

A diverse array of sessions and activities took place over the three day period of the conference, promoting knowledge sharing, networking and debate.

The following topics were covered during the sessions that Mr Quarshie and Mr. Sowah participated in:

  • The Mobile Academy: m-Learning for Education.
  • e-Design learning for Change:
  • Corporate Digital Learning, How to get it right
  • Framing ICT competences of teachers in higher Education
  • Protection in the Age of Data
  • Making Sustainable Online learning a reality - Accelerating the Shift
  • Emerging Trends in Blended Classroom

“It was an opportunity to get up to speed on current trends in learning and teaching using technology” said Mr. Quarshie. “Technology supported learning is a burgeoning field that holds a lot of opportunity”, he asserted.

"This has been one of most enlightening conferences on e-learning I have attended. This encourages us to push the boundary further in incorporating emerging technologies in teaching and learning", said Mr. Sowah