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Regent Ghana Students’ Parliament Embarks on Sanitation Campaign at Mallam Market



On Saturday, 23rd February, 2017, a clean-up exercise christened, ‘Regent for a Clean Mallam Market’ was organized by the Regent Ghana Students’ Parliament. It brought together students and alumni of Regent University College of Science and Technology.

The purpose of the clean-up exercise was to create awareness about the benefits of maintaining a healthy and clean environment. The exercise targeted the Mallam-Market, a commercial market in Accra.  



The University bus transported student volunteers to the market at 8:00 am. The clean-up exercise began in earnest with students and alumni alike sweeping and collecting litter in and around the market area. Afterwards, participants split themselves into groups, and went around the market, to educate traders on the importance of cleanliness and good sanitation.

Some participants held placards with sanitation-related messages on them, which were used to sensitize traders, and the general public, on the health hazards associated with the indiscriminate disposal of waste. 



The entire exercise ended at around 12 o’clock in the afternoon. Student volunteers were transported back to the campus, to freshen up and unwind after an active half day of work.

“The clean-up exercise was an interesting one. Apart from it being fun, it was educative and I had the opportunity to share ideas with some traders on good sanitation”, said Amanda Addo, a third year Management with Computing student at Regent and volunteer.



“It was really fun and I learnt a couple of new things” said Henrietta Sackey, a volunteer, and Management with Computing student.  

“I look forward to participating in more of such community work organized by the Regent Ghana Students’ Parliament, because in one way or the other it is service to my nation Ghana”, she added.